Cartoon Network Decodes Way to Eke More Viewers Out of Clone Wars


That way happens to be Clone Wars: Decoded, a pop-up-video-style re-run of the CG cartoon series with Star Wars factoids appearing up every so often with trivia and character and vehicle and alien info. As Topless Robot, I feel like I should be irked by this, but I’m not. First of all, despite the fact that I hated the Clone Wars movie, more than enough of you have talked about how fundamentally decent the regular show is (if not always outright good) to the point where I’m more shocked that there’s a Star Wars cartoon on that I’m not watching.

Plus, it’s not like Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm couldn’t have just re-run the damn cartoon au naturale. They want to put a little extra work into it, I’m down with that — that’s added value, and a socially acceptable way to get Clone Wars‘ young target audience to learn the insane Star Wars facts we had to learn from terrible novels and the RPG sourcebooks. Who wouldn’t approve?