Sandy Collora’s Hunter Prey Makes Uwe Boll’s Career Even More Aggravating

You might not know Sandy Collora’s name, but you likely know his last work — the incredible fan film Batman: Dead End (if you haven’t, go watch it here. Now. I’ll wait. Back? Good, let’s continue). Corrola just released a teaser trailer to his next movie on io9, an original sci-fi work called Hunter Prey and… well, as you might expect, being made by the dude who made Dead End, it’s awesome.

And here’s what drives me crazy. Uwe Boll has been hired by several studios to make several “legitimate” movies over the course of several years, despite having proved over and over again he has no talent whatsoever. Meanwhile, Collora has shown a remarkable amount of talent in his self-made works, despite no budget or studio support. Someone please hire this guy to make a real movie, and bring a little more justice into the world. Please.