TR Contest: Sh*ttiest Videogame Adversary


After last week’s hilarious hijinks, time to get back incredibly nerdy trivia and the ability said trivia in a hilarious light.This time, you’re charged with remembering the shittiest game adversary possible. Any bad guy you can kill in any PC or console game is good, whether they be peons or bosses. Will you select the Goomba, who only walks back and forth but was cursed with an easily collapsible skull? One of the many ludicrous robots Dr. Wily made to fight Mega Man? One of the little shrieky aliens from Halo?

I know he’s not the worst, but when I think of shitty videogame opponents, I immediately think of Glass Joe from Punch-Out. He was so terrible at boxing you could leave the control to go to the bathroom, and Little Mac would still be fine fifteen minutes later (I ate a lot of beef as achild). I would often start up Punch-Out just to beat the living bejeezus out of Joe, wortk through some anger issues, and then turn it off, a happier, calmer little boy. Thanks for sucking, Joe!

Now it’s your turn — as always, the rules are here, and the contest will end at 3 am EST on Monday, April 20th. And don’t forget — the first part of G.I. Joe Resolute should be up at Adult Swim beginning today at 6 pm (supposedly). Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is Snake Eyes stabbing someone in the throat with a katana.