This Green Lantern Movie Doesn’t Exist (But Totally Should)

I have a bit of distressing movie news, so I figured I’d soften the blow by running this incredibly awesome fan-made trailer for a Nathan Fillion-starring Green Lantern movie that’s been making the rounds first. Fillion himself has seen it and deemed it “awesome,” so you know it’s good. I swear, I know Warner Bros. probably wants to cast somebody young like Chris Pine or Bradley Cooper in the role of Hal Jordan, but I don’t know how you can look at Fillion’s square jaw and not think of Hal Jordan. Thanks for everyone who sent in the tip.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of things comics movie shouldn’t do, I’d like to say I find Chip cameos far more aggravating than Stan Lee cameos. The squirrel Green Lantern gets trotted out whenever the Lantern Corps makes an appearance in any cartoon or show, and I fucking hate him. He invalidates everything that’s even slightly cool about Green Lantern. You know why? Because he’s a fucking squirrel. That was hit by a car. And died.