Crappy Trek Toys, Wave 2

The Brady Bunch.jpg
Did you buy Playmates first assortment of Star Trek movie toys? You… you did?

What’s wrong with you? Why would you do that to your self? They were terrible. And as the second wave of figures shows, they haven’t gotten significantly better for the second wave. Cool Toy Review has pics of everything coming down the (Christopher) pike, so check them out here if you’re interested, but here’s the quick version:

3 3/4-Inch: McCoy in
Enterprise Uniform, Kirk in Cadet Uniform, Chekov in Enterprise
Uniform, Kirk in Space Uniform, Spock in Academy Instructor Uniform,
Sulu in Space Uniform, Kirk in Off Duty Uniform, Sarek, General Ayel, Keenser,
(I have no idea who these last two guys are) and Drakoulias (one of the monsters). Head shots above.

6-Inch: McCoy and Chekhov (completing the crew), Kirk in Space Uniform, Kirk in Cadet Uniform, and Spock in Academy Instructor Uniform.

12-Inch: Scotty, Uhura, Nero, Captain Pike, and Sulu.

“Warp Collection Creatures”: One figure of the Drakoulias, the wolf-like monster that attacked Kirk on the ice planet and one of the Hengrauggi, the vagina monster that attacked the Drakoulias and then attacked Kirk on the ice planet.

You know, I should thank Playmates. When I got done watching Star Trek, I loved it so much I immediately wanted to buy some Trek toys — just because the whole experience was so great. Luckily, the movie toys are godawful, and thus I didn’t. Thanks for saving me money, Playmates!