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Goddamn it. From wherever WENN ripped it off from:

The British boy who was flown to New York to meet?Megan Fox?after she accidentally shunned him in London has been snubbed by the star again – he missed the planned meeting with her.

Harvey Kindlon, 11, was snapped as he attempted to give Fox a yellow rose at the London premiere of the?Transformers?sequel earlier this month.

The youngster was thwarted as paparazzi flashbulbs blinded the actress and she failed to spot him. Fox subsequently apologised to the boy and bosses at camera giant Kodak offered a $5,000 (?3,300) reward to anybody who could track the boy down.

Once Kindlon had been identified, Kodak bosses then flew him to New York to meet the actress while she was in town to record an appearance on U.S. TV programme the Today Show on Friday.

But Fox’s appearance was scrapped after the sudden death of?Michael Jackson?on Thursday – and the star flew back to Los Angeles without meeting her young fan.

A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, “Kodak basically put this kid on a plane on the off-chance that he’d get to meet her. They never even confirmed with ‘Today.’ Now they’re offering him around for interviews. It’s exploitative and creepy.”

While a representative for the Today Show adds, “Harvey was never scheduled to appear and we don’t plan to have him on.”

IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD? A creepy kid just wants to give one of the most popular actresses in the world a yellow rose. Given Fox’s previous statements, I doubt she had any idea Kodak was flying the kid in that night or anything. This is Kodak’s fault, totally.?Kodak, you make this right. YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT, GODDAMN IT.