Tiger Woods Sucks at Tiger Woods

By which I mean the incredibly skilled golfer Tiger Woods sucks at the videogame bearing his name. See, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon — who I’m still not a fan of his manner or delivery, although he’s having some increasingly excellent segments on his show — challenged Tiger to a round of Tiger Woods videogame golf. They actually played first on the screen in Times Square in a three-hole tournament, where Fallon crushed Tiger. Fallon shot for par on all three holes, and Tiger just sucked ass.

So Fallon and Tiger had a one-hole rematch last night on Late Night (yeah, it’s a Hulu vid, sorry non-Amercians) and it’s worth noting how fucking mad Tiger Woods is at losing earlier. Oh, he’s smiling, but he’s so obviously pissed at being beaten by Fallon earlier in the day and at the possibility of losing again that the smile is frozen with absolutely zero humor behind it. It’s pretty fantastic. Furthermore, I’m almost positive Jimmy Fallon noticed this and let Tiger win. Like you would a small child so they didn’t feel bad. Except it’s a grown man whose at the top of his sport, has a supermodel wife, and has millions of dollars. Good on you, Fallon.