Heroes Officially Begins Clowning Around

The above promo for Heroes season 4 — a.k.a. “Volume 5: Redemption” — was released at Comic Con, but, given the importance that Heroes holds here at the Topless and Robotic headquarters, I couldn’t let it pass by without comment. To say I’m cautiously optimistic would not be accurate, because after being hurt so bad by so long by Heroes‘ promises of being watchable, it’s hard for me to just pretend this time it’s going to be different. However, I am pleased to see that the evil carnie folk are going to be villains, which I think Heroes has badly needed — all they’ve had is Sylar, and he’s been either good or whiny for most of last season, and please don’t pretend the “Villains” storyarc actually had any villains — those dipshits knocked over a gas station and immediately got caught. Oh, the horror!

So I think that’s good, and while I’m already groaning about Claire’s surely evil lesbian roommate and Hiro’s dicking around with his boyhood self, hopefully having an actual set of antagionists will help Heroes from delving into the “oh by the way I had a sister who died 50 years ago although I never did even a cursory look for her and now I need to find her to theoretically bring the family together although we’ll immediately go our separate ways and begin fighting with ourselves after the episode” type stories.

You know, fuck this. I’m buying a barrel of scotch now. I’ll see you at the live-blogs.