The First 7 Minutes of Torchwood: Children of Earth

Someone wrote me a little while ago and asked why I didn’t have more Torchwood coverage. The answer is simple, but likely disappointing — I know very little about what’s going on with Doctor Who, and as a Who spin-off, I know even less about Torchwood. Which is either the reason why I’m not aware of most Torchwood news — although I might point out that you guys are more than welcome to email me about Who/Torchwood news, my address is just over there *cough cough*) — or the lack of Torchwood news isn’t helping.

That said, I did know that the Torchwood mini-series Children of Earth is premiered on BBC America this Monday, and someone was kind enough to let me run the first seven minutes of it. Since I also know none of you are filthy internet pirates who would download the series illegally, and certainly haven’t already watched it and loved it, thinking it’s the best thing to come out of Russell Davies entire career, I’m sure you’re eager and excited to see this preview. Right?