Trigun: The Movie: The Trailer

Holy shit. I can’t believe this is happening. Not because I’m a huge Trigun fan or anything, but because it’s so phenomenally late. Okay, I’m turning into my crotchety old anime guru phase, but bear with me. The Trigun TV series aired in Japan in 1998. It wasn’t anything special. But when Geneon (nee Pioneer) brought it over to America in 2000, it sold like gangbusters — and sold consistently enough that Adult Swim aired it in 2003. Obviously, there was a huge demand for more Trigun in America, money just waiting to be made. And waiting. And waiting.

In 2005, the president of Madhouse, the studio that animated Trigun, mentioned at a U.S. con  that he was working on a Trigun movie. Then more waiting. And still more. And now finally, in mid-2009, more than 10 years after the series first aired in Japan and nearly 10 since Trigun‘s U.S. heyday, a trailer for the elusive Trigun movie surfaced at Anime Expo this past weekend.

I’m not saying a Trigun movie won’t make money nowadays, but it won’t make half as much as it would’ve in 2003 or even 2005. I understand this does nothing to fix the problems of online piracy, but still — the Japanese anime industry had plenty of chances to make a ton of money if they had just given a shit about America once in a while. Just sayin’. (Via AnimeVice)