The Marvel Super Hero Squad Racks Up the Frequent Flier Miles

Look, I know this video doesn’t do much for you. It just reeks of a corporate attempt to seem cool to youngsters circa late ’80s/early ’90s in that way that never works (even as an 8-year-old, I knew that superheroes weren’t really going on a world tour or hanging out with the president, although I grant you it was far more likely that Reagan hung with cartoon characters than Obama). the music is likewise atrocious, so much that I actually wonder if this video isn’t a parody of these old types of cartoon promos, instead of just a hilariously late example of one.
But I wanted to show it because I saw some of the Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoon at SDCC and it was pretty fun, and this is the best video I’ve found so far that represents it. Watch it, and you’ll see cutesy versions of both Fing Fang Foom and Dormammu, for goodness sake. That’s ridiculous. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem quite as awesomely insane as Batman: Brave and the Bold has been, but still enough that Marvel fans ought to give it a try when it debuts on Cartoon Network in September. Besides, Brave and the Bold has set the bar pretty goddamn high for awesome insanity. (Via Comics Alliance)