Admiral Thrawn’s Gone, Baby, Thrawn’s Gone


I don’t know if you guys failed me or I failed you guys, but there’s going to be a 12-inch Admiral Thrawn figure from Timothy’s Zahn Heir to the Empire expanded universe Star Wars trilogy, but it’s already sold out, so… something’s gone horribly wrong here. Sorry about that. I’m not the biggest SW book fan, but even I know it’s cool that Sideshow is making 12-inch figures of some of the EU’s heavies (I’m betting Mara Jade isn’t going to be far behind). If you’re desperate, you can get on the wait list here — and it’s worth noting that if you manage to order it directly from Sideshow, he comes with the command chair you see above. If you can’t get it, then look on the bright side — you’ve saved $225.