Assassin’s Creed II Vs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 in Battle of the Awesome (but Useless) Videos

I’m not going to lie. There is practically no new information in either of these two videogame previews, but I really, really think you’re going to want to watch them. First off — a ridiculously awesome Assassin’s Creed II video of no particular value.

Umm… assassinating people in Renaissance-era Venice while Daft Punk Justice plays? This video has made me gay. I am a boy, I’m assuming this video is a boy, and I am gay for this video. I want to have sex with it, and I would let it have sex with me. That’s how much I love it. Now for a little Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 action, showing off some of the Fusions.

I know it’s not much, but as soon as I heard the words “Thor,” “Deadpool” and “Grenad-o,” I knew you guys would be interested.