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Kurt Cobain Finally Sells Out


Well, it took long enough, but here’s the digital image of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5, singing Bon Jovi, Bush, and more, and it’s all really, really weird and disturbing. I’m not hardly a Cobain disciple — I’m not even much of a Nirvana fan — but I can’t imagine that Cobain would approve of his likeness being used for these other songs. And I know it would have been a simple fix to limit the Cobain avatar to just the Nirvana songs included in the game, so really, this madness is a result of several people just not giving a shit, especially Courtney Love. It all just makes me feel uncomfortable. And bitter, because now I’m worried Johnny Cash’s avatar is being misused in the same way. I swear to god, if I see a video of Cash singing “Wanted Dead or Alive,” I’m going to burn Activision to the fucking ground. (Via Agent M Loves Tacos)