Oddly Inconsequential TGS Videogame Trifecta: Assassin’s Creed II, Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2

? First up is an Assassin’s Creed II video with a few new attack and kill moves. They’re brutal and extremely fun-looking, but really, not mind-blowingly so. If you’re in a rush, you can skip it. Promise.

? Next is a video of Crackdown 2‘s multiplayer which, honestly, looks boring as all hell. The only reason I’m even running it is because I love the first Crackdown so much that I’m interested in videos of even shitty gameplay from the sequel, and I figure some of you guys are too.

? Last but not least, some Dead Rising 2 footage which implies there is a reality game show inside the game where people dress like Power Rangers and fight zombies in a big arena. This would be awesome even if the Rangers weren’t wearing moose antler helmets and driving around on motorcycles with chainsaws taped to them… but they are.