TR Contest: The Cartoon That Needs to Happen


?I know some of you guys doubt my nerdiness. It’s cool, I understand. There are a lot of nerd areas I’m deficient in, and I get a fair amount of shit wrong (it’s why I think of Topless Robot as a community of nerds who use their expertise to correct and belittle each other, but that might just be what my therapist calls “a self-defense mechanism”). But whatever.

I offer you this as proof of my nerdiness — I have spent literally hundreds of hours of my life, mostly in bed, while trying and failing to go to sleep — imagining how awesome it would be if David Edding’s Belgariad and Mallorean books became a TV cartoon series. Dude, it’s like Lord of the Rings but with more humor and less slow parts. It’s be killer. You could get four 26-episode seasons out of the 10 books easy, there’s a huge cast of awesome characters, and the toys –OH THERE COULD BE TOYS. In my head, Japanese anime studio would animate it. I even had the opening theme picked out; it was a classical piece, and no, I’m not telling you because that would be too shameful even for me.

I can’t imagine I’m alone in this, so it’s time for you to pony. What do you most wish could be turned into a cartoon series or movie (or anime)? Is is a book, or series of books? do you wish Marvel and DC would stop dicking around and animate classics like Secret Wars or Crisis on Infinite Earths? Is there a movie or TV series that could benefit from an animated sequel or two? You get extra points the more detailed your idea is — series or movie, voice cast, maybe studio, but you must definitely include a plot if it’s not a direct adaptation.

There will be two winners — my favorite entry, and for those who don’t know my specific and esoteric tastes, a random winner. One entry per person, because I’m not losing another night when I could be playing Batman: Arkham Asylum to this bullshit. The contest ends on 12:01am on Monday the 14th, EST. Don’t let me down, people. And please, remember to spay or neuter your Pok?mon as soon as humanly possible.