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Doctor Who: The Anime Continues


Remember back in February, when I posted that insane clip of a fan-made Doctor Who anime? Well, the guy responsible is still trucking right along, and Japanator dug up two new clips of the project. I picked the above one, since it has the Doctor, his hilariously stereotypical anime girl companion, and the awesomely elaborate Cybermen designs, but you can head to Japanator for the second (which is pretty much just the Daleks standing around and freaking out, as Daleks tend to do). Having actually seen some Doctor Who between now and last February, I’m even more impressed with this lunatic and his devotion to both Who and old-school anime. I know some of you hate this on the principle of anime, but as a fan project, I can’t see any reason to be upset. I’m immensely looking forward to seeing this in its entirety… which I assume will be in 2018 or something.