Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft in “Lara Croft on Cannibal Island”


?You said last week’s FFF was too tame. And you know what that means. That means I give you this story written by Deathstalker, which I assure will hurt you. Probably badly. And ou can’t blame me, because I told you people to never, ever belittle FFF or the consequences will be dire (not as dire as for Lara Croft, but pretty fucking dire).

When Lara came to, her face hurt almost as badly as her right arm did.
Her eyes blinked open to survey her surroundings. Actually, only one of
her eyes opened, the other was swollen shut from the smashing her face
had received from the stick. She saw she was in a small tribal village.
Two small huts on either side of the clearing. In the middle was a
large fire pit, blackened logs piled up in it and there were two
y-shaped thick logs stuck across from each other, which would allow the
natives to place a spitted animal over the flames. Or a spitted person,
Lara thought. She saw the same three men as before, and a single tribal
woman who was obviously pregnant. Her belly protruded outwards and
helped to hold up her sagging tits. The woman looked a few years older
then the two young savages. The two young savages were currently
crouched over their dead comrade, shaving the hair from his body with
sharpened stones. The woman sat cross-legged with a bowl in her lap,
mashing up a dark green paste. The older man was sitting in a
make-shift thrown-like chair, stroking his hard cock as he looked over
at Lara. The tomb raider found her eyes locked with his, transfixed. In
her peripheral vision, she saw him start to pump his cock faster and
harder. The pregnant woman stood with her bowl and moved over to him,
holding it in front of his dick. The older savage let out a gutteral
sound as he came, shooting his load into the bowl. The tribal woman
made sure that every drop made it into the bowl, then stood away and
mixed the concoction some more.

The woman picked up a funnel-like item, widdled from wood, and
approached Lara with it, carrying the bowl in her other hand. She tried
to resist when the end of the funnel was forced past her lips and into
her mouth. She felt the tip press against the back of her throat and
watched as the pregnant woman started to pour the mixture into the wide
end of the funnel. The stuff oozed through the funnel and into Lara’s
mouth, dripping down the back of her throat. The taste was bitter and
she gagged on it a couple times but the woman reached around and held
her lips firmly closed around the wooden funnel until she’d swallowed
almost all of the substance, then she pulled the funnel out of her
mouth and went to sit back down near the roasting pit. …

Please note the story is not titled “Lara Croft Escapes from Cannibal Island,” or even “Lara Croft on Rape and Release Island.” And remember to when you make light of Fan Fiction Friday, Fan Fiction Friday will hurt you back in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

An undetermined time later, Lara felt her wounded areas tingling and
the pain lessened. The feeling surprised her and she wondered if she
had been fed an herbal pain killer of some sort. The two younger
tribals had finished shaving all the excess hair off their dead comrade
and were now getting the fire in the pit going. The chief was still in
his thrown, his eyes looking over Lara’s form and stroking his once
again erect penis. Lara found herself eyeing the thick member more
closely, and another tingling had started in her crotch. For a moment,
she was horrified at the arousal she was feeling. Still, she couldn’t
take her eyes off the long, veiny cock that the chief was stroking his
fingers along. Her mouth started to salivate as she thought about
having it in her mouth and sucking on it.

As is 100% inevitable in these situations.

Lara was so into her fantasy that she didn’t notice the tribal woman
approaching her until she pushed Lara onto her back and knocked her
legs apart. Her vision was torn away from the chief and she looked down
past her large breasts to see the woman pulling her boots away from her
feet and then dragging her socks down, letting her bare feet fall into
the dirt before reaching up and unsnapping the button on her shorts.
She heard the zipper on the shorts being drawn down and then they were
being pulled down her long, athletic legs. After that, the pregnant
woman grabbed hold of the waistband of Lara’s panties and slid those
down as well, revealing her trimmed patch of dark pubic hair and the
slit of her vagina. Once the panties were off, the woman pushed Lara’s
thighs open even more and moved her head between them, pressing her
lips up against the tomb raider’s cunt, kissing and licking at it. Lara
gasped as she felt the woman start to eat her out, the tingling in her
crotch growing even more and her juices began to flow out of her. The
tribal woman licked at Lara’s emerging cunt juice, probing her tongue
deeper and sliding her hands upwards to aid in the pleasuring, sliding
fingers into the white woman’s tight love canal. Lara arched her back
as she felt her clit being brushed against and let out a moan. She
turned her head to look back at the chief but saw he had vacated his

One might say he was “throne” out of it!

Suddenly, a cock was being pressed against her cheek and Lara looked up
to see the chief had walked around her and was now kneeling beside her
head. Quickly, she shifted her head back and opened her mouth, allowing
his erection to slide past her lips. In that brief moment, Lara found
herself in the midst of the fantasy she’d been having moments ago, and
she took full advantage of it, using her lips and tongue to work the
chief’s cock over. A final moment of clarity flooded through her as he
pushed himself deeper into her mouth and she realized it wasn’t just an
herbal pain killer she’d received. It had been some sort of
aphrodisiac. And it worked really good, too. She moaned around the hard
meat in her mouth as the woman between her legs started sucking on her
clit. Her hips bucked upwards against the woman’s mouth, smearing her
cunt juice on her lips. Using her unbroken arm, she reached up and
began to caress the chief’s testicles, running her fingers along the
hairy scrotum. The chief reached down and started to grope one of
Lara’s large breasts through the fabric of her shirt. Lara continued to
slurp on the cock in her mouth, running her tongue up and down the

Slurp! But now the fun really begins — I’ve taken the liberty of bolding some of the most moving passages.

Off to the side, the two younger tribesmen had finished with the fire
and had gone back to their dead comrade, flipping him onto his stomach.
The pudgy one went and got a long wooden spit. The length of the thing
was stained with dried blood. The skinny tribal reached down and spread
the dead man’s ass cheeks apart, revealing his puckered anus. Pudgy
lowered the sharpened point of the spit and started pushing it into the
dead tribesman’s ass, stretching the muscle until it began to split
from the girth of the stick.
Skinny help the corpse down as Pudgy
continued to drive the spit through the body. Pulling the dead man’s
head back, Skinny pushed his mouth open for the bloody tip of the spit
to emerge. Once that was done, Pudgy took some vines and tied the dead
man’s ankles to the end of the spit. Skinny likewise tied his arms to
his sides. Then the pair of them each took an end of the spit and
lifted it up, placing it on the two Y-sticks on either side of the
fire, letting their dinner start to roast.

Ass-roasted tribesmen? Them’s good eatin’!

Lara was too distracted with the oral pleasuring she was both giving
and receiving to notice the brutal spitting of the dead tribal. Her
lips made a popping sound
as the chief pulled his cock out of her mouth
and gave it a few final strokes before shooting milky cum all over the
tomb raider’s face. Lara closed her eyes and felt the warm spunk rain
down on her, running down her cheeks. She held her mouth open to catch
some of it and flicked her tongue out to scoop up even more, swallowing
as much of the cum as she could. Moments later, she cried out as the
pregnant tribal woman brought her to a climax of her own, sending more
of her pussy juice flowing out of her to be lapped up. Lara let out a
disappointed moan as both the chief and the woman left her. Her
demeanor brightened, though, when she spotted Skinny and Pudgy coming
towards her, both with rock hard erections. Skinny moved between Lara’s
thighs and lifted her legs upwards so that her ankles rested against
his shoulders. She felt the tip of his cock start to push against the
moist entrance to her vagina and she bucked her hips, trying to get
more of him into her.

Believe or not, the enthusasiastic raping continues for quite a while. For brevity’s sake, I’ll sum up the next few paragraphs with one sentence from the passages:

Lara swallowed the semen enthusiastically.

Now let’s just skip ahead a bit, shall we?

Taking his place was the pregnant woman, who straddled Lara’s head and
squatted down onto her. Lara looked up, seeing the woman’s dark pussy
and thick pubic hair coming down over her face. She pushed her head up
and started to lap at the cunt presented to her. She lifted a hand and
rubbed the woman’s meaty ass, pushing one of her fingers into the crack
and finding her sphincter. Lara finger the woman’s asshole while she
licked at her pussy. She flicked her tongue over the little nub of
flesh that was her clit, feeling the woman shudder over her. Lifting
her head even more and using her hand to part her ass a bit, Lara
started to tongue the woman’s anus. She was so overcome with lust that
she didn’t even notice the taste of shit that her tongue fell across.
The tribal woman howled in pleasure, humped down against Lara’s face as
she came. The tomb raider moved her tongue back to the dark woman’s
cunt, licking up her expended juices before she watched the woman stand
shakily and move away. By then, she could smell something delicious in
the air. She looked over and saw the spitted tribesman well cooked and
through her drugged eyes, it looked like a tastey meal.

Obviously I didn’t want you to miss the “meaty ass” or the slight favor of feces that Lara isn’t noticing. BECAUSE I WANT TO PUNISH YOU.

Skinny, Pudgy and the woman took the spitted man away from the fire and
went about carving him up. The chief returned to Lara with a fresh
erection. Thoughts of the meal left her as she spotted the hard cock
and her full attention was on the chief. She put up no resistence when
he flipped her over onto her stomach. She felt him push her ass cheeks
apart and then the head of his prick was pushing against her tight
sphincter. He rammed himself forward, shoving half his unlubricated
cock up her ass. Lara let out a pained moan, but still thrust her ass
upwards to get more of the stiffness inside her. The chief reached
around and took a firm hold of Lara’s huge tits, using them for
leverage as he shoved himself deeper into her ass. Lara’s moans grew
louder and louder, rocking her ass up against the chief as his dick
stretched her asshole. While he was fucking her, the tribal woman
brought some meat over to her, crouching down by her head. Lara eagerly
ate the roasted meat that was presented to her, savoring the taste of
it. She cried out as the chief began to twist her nipples hard and
arched her back. His thrusts into her ass became harder and faster and
after a few more pounds, she felt more sticky jizz being pumped into
her, this time flowing up into her bowels.

I hate to complain, but eating while having sex seems… kind of unsanitary to me. Admittedly, if you’re gang-raping a Tomb Raider on the jungle floor and plan on eating her later anyways, I understand that cleanliness probably isn’t your first priority, but still. Just a thought. I don’t want to judge.

After the chief had finished fucking Lara’s ass, he pulled out of her
and left her to writhe in the dirt. The aphrodisiac was still having a
large effect on her, but none of the tribals attended to her anymore.
Frustrated, Lara lay on the ground and thrust fingers up into her wet
cunt and rubbed her thumb against her clit, trying to bring herself to
orgasm after orgasm, but finding it increasingly difficult. Finally,
she passed out and the savages finished their dinner before preparing
for their dessert.

The end…

…or is it?

It’s not. Remember the title, people. And because I am a benevolent nerd god, I will allow you this one chance to turn back. And you should fucking kiss my clown feet that I have. Those who feel the need to be punished further, continue to the next page.

When Lara awoke, the effects of the aphrodisiac were gone. The memories
of the events she’d particpated in were fuzzy. All she knew for sure
was that her pussy and ass were sore, there was dried, sticky stuff on
her chest, and a bad taste in her mouth. That and the fact that she was
totally nude and her head was sticking out of the center of a wooden
table of sorts. She looked around, trying to see what was happening.
She spotted the tribals approaching her, each of them carrying hard
sticks about an inch thick. Alarm filled her as she flashed back to
other tribal practices she had come across. Monkey brains were
considered a delicacy by some tribes, and they considered the best way
to prepare the brains was to beat the monkey over the head with sticks.
Suddenly, Lara felt very much like a monkey. She started trying to pull
her head out of the hole it was stuck through, but it was too small.
She lifted her hand to try and pull the hole open further, but it must
have been locked in place. The savages formed a circle around her and
lifted their sticks.

Lara started to plead, although she didn’t think it would do much good,
even if they could understand her. And, as she suspected, it didn’t.
The sticks came down and rapped her on the top of her head. Pain
flooded her skull, but it was more annoying then anything. But the
tribals continued to pummel her with the sticks. Lara cried out as the
hard lengths kept knocking into the top of her skull. She felt warmth
begin to trickle down from her scalp and then blood dripped into her
eye. She tried to blink it away, but it was no use, as more kept
coming. As the knocks became harder, the damage to Lara’s brain became
more severe. Her eyes crossed and her tongue stuck out before she wound
up biting down hard on the muscle, her teeth digging in and drawing
blood. Underneath the table, her body was kicking and twitching. Her
able hand was smacking against her round tits, making them jiggle. Her
fingers clenched into a fist and then relaxed. Her toes were likewise
clenching and releasing while her legs twitched and jerked underneath
her torso. Piss started to spray out of her cunt in sporadic streams
while behind her shit started to ooze out of her ass.

With a final hard knock to the top of Lara’s head, the chief cracked
her skull open. Setting the stick down, he reached up and grasped the
edges of the crack on either side and pride them apart, exposing the
tomb raider’s glistening brain. The rest of the savages also put down
their sticks and they all took up long, flattened utensils with sharp
ends, edging in closer around the twitching woman, who, although
severely brain damaged, was still very much alive. Lara’s eyelids
fluttered and her eyes were moving in two totally different directions.
As the tribals started digging into her scrambled brain, her jaw
clamped down even more and finished severing her tongue, letting the
bloody muscle drop to the table. Bloody drool leaked out of her mouth
and dribbled down her chin. The savages took no notice of what her body
did, savoring the tasty morsels of brain they were digging out of her
skull. Lara’s body went totally tense and a final spurt of urine shot
out of her cunt and into the moist ground underneath her and then she
went limp and dead. The savages still didn’t notice and continued

Once they finished, the chief picked up a tool that resembled a
hatchet, with a sharpened stone tied to a stick handle. He walked over
to the dead tomb raider and brought the hatchet back, slamming it into
the side of her neck. Blood sprayed from the wound and the chief yanked
the hatchet free and hacked into her again. The dullness of the blade
made decapitating the dead white woman difficult. It took well over a
dozen hacks to get most of the way through her slender neck. At that
point, the weight of her corpse tore helped to tear through the
remaining skin and muscle that held her head on. Lara’s headless body
collapsed to the ground, her head still sitting on the table, crossed
eyes glazed over and dried blood running down her chin. The chief
picked Lara’s head up by her blood-matted hair and carried it with him
over to his thrown. He sat down, his throbbing erection sticking up
from between his legs, and proceeded to lower Lara’s head down onto it,
pushing the head of his cock up into her severed neck. The chief sat
there, watching the others stretch the dead woman’s body out to be
skinned and gutted, as he pumped her head up and down his shaft. His
orgasm boiled up from his balls and he shot his load up the back of
Lara’s throat where it then began to dribble past her slack lips and
down her chin to mix with the dried blood.