GREEN HORNET [email protected]! (Updated!!!1!)


UPDATE: Now Sci-fi Wire has an actual pic of the actual Seth Rogen in his Green Hornet duds, which looks more or less the same as this, except he has a suit jacket on. It’s so boring that I couldn’t even be bothered to swap out the pics.

Yes, it’s a pic of the new Green Hornet on the set of the new Green Hornet movie! Aren’t you excited?! Aren’t you thrilled to see his costume, finally? Aren’t you shitting your pants in pure delight at the new knowledge that the Green Hornet looks just like every other Green fucking Hornet ever?!

It is a dude in an green eyemask wearing a hat. Everyone needs to calm down. The most exciting part of this pic is that he’s also wearing a green vest, and I don’t think that’s particularly exciting either. Actually, probably the biggest surprise is that if that’s Seth Rogen’s stunt double — I’m assuming it’s not Rogen himself — Rogen has gotten seriously fucking trim for this movie (well done to you, sir). But if you consider this a spoiler and wish I’d put it after the jump, I have some important news for you — I’ve heard rumors that a large ball of fire will rise up from the horizon tomorrow morning, simultaneously lighting and heating our world for approximately 12-14 hours! Don’t place any bets, though! (Via /Film)