Reminder: Stargate Universe and Clone Wars Season 2 Premiere Tonight

One is a shockingly small-feeling space epic full of awkward looking characters with wooden, two-dimensional acting. And the other is Clone Wars season 2. Zing!

Oh, I kid. I’ve never seen a minute of any Stargate series (save the movie, which was Russell- and Spader-tastic) so I have no feelings whatsoever about the new series, Stargate: Universe, premiering tonight on SyFy at 9pm EST. I know from the previews I’ve shown that it has a real new-Battlestar Galactica vibe going for it, which has pissed off a lot of Stargate fans but has seemingly intrigued some of the BSG fans. You guys should feel free to fight it out to the death in the comments.

As for Clone Wars… enh. It premieres tonight on Cartoon Network at 8pm (it’s an hour-long special) but I’m sure I’m be playing videogames instead. The addition of the bounty hunters — with special guest appearance by some Mandalorians, which I believe pisses off some Expanded Universe enthusiasts mightily, just isn’t doing it for me, mainly because every time I pay attention to Clone Wars (or the prequels, for that matter) there’s always a new villain who’s supposedly more evil than the last guy who got defeated after a couple of episodes. Sure, Cad Bane is returning, but there’s also General Grievous, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and Palpatine still running around at the very least. There’s so many bad guys none of them have a chance to be interesting, unlike, say, Vader, who was the universe’s biggest ass-kicker through three separate films. We were afraid of Vader. He was evil as shit. In Clone Wars, they’re not villains, they’re a fucking committee meeting waiting to happen.