Thundercats, Hoe


My buddy Agent M (King of Twitter) found this awesome “Thundercat Gothic” piece by Derek Chatwood, and I had to share it. Chatwood’s even got a whole movie idea to go with it:

Thundercats: The Movie, soon to be a major motion picture by Warner
Brothers, slated for a Summer 2010 release. All Star Cast includes Brad
Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Giamatti.

Story Pitch

months after the trial, the remaining Thundercats had settled in to
their new lives. After turning state’s evidence against Mumm-Ra
(Freeman), Lion-O (Pitt) and Cheetara (Johansson) relocated to
Nebraska, under the federal witness protection program. Their modest
farm was nothing like the vast lands they ruled on New Thundera, but
they enjoyed tending crops and livestock, and had even started their
own organic label.

Panthro joined them on the farm, and shared
the fields under a rental agreement with Lion-O. Panthro was required
to give up most of his crop yeild to Lion-O, but compared to his years
of unpaid, high risk indentured servitude, he still felt better off.
Tygra, still not over Cheetara, requested location reassignment, and
moved to New Mexico to sell real estate.

Snarf (Giamatti) was
given a small trailer in the woods, but he was soon arrested by an
ATF-DEA joint taskforce, for operating a small marijuana business.
Cheetara and Lion-O, aware of his long history of drug abuse, refused
to intervene. The twins, WilyKit and WilyKat, couldn’t handle the quiet
life, and opted out of the protection program altogether. They met some
circus performers and began performing Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas.

would be short lived. Mumm-Ra had once again risen, this time from a
medium-security work farm in North Carolina, and vowed vengeance on the
Thundercats. Lion-O would have to find the Sword Of Omens, surrendered
under the terms of his plea agreement, and bring the Thundercats
together as a team once again.

Fan-fucking tastic. Check out more of Chatwood’s art here.