New Kick-Ass Posters Are Looking… BLEARGH


I hate Kick-Ass. No, not in my normally bitchy way; in fact, I’m looking forward to the movie. But that title! It just destroys any potential article titles that aren’t effectively “Kick-Ass is looking kick-ass! HYUK HYUK HYUK!” I allowed myself one of those, but I can’t in good conscious do any more; unfortunately, they’re all I can think of whenever Kick-Ass comes back on the nerd radar, and the worst part is I know I’ll be covering it a lot more in the future. And pulling my hair out trying to think of a clever article headline that isn’t “kick-ass,” per se. I am pretty confident I will fail.

But yeah, these character posters are looking swell. Although isn’t Nic Cage packed pretty damn tight into his Big Daddy outfit? I hope whatever assistants and interns who had to squeeze him into that thing got some kind of hazard pay. Thanks to Halfazedninja for the tip. (Via IGN)