The Ghostbusters Theme, Now with 40% More Stank

I’m not much of a Hoobastank fan, but I do appreciate the works of Ray Parker Jr. I also appreciate homemade Ghostbusters costumes, so here’s a very recent video of the band Hoobastank playing the Ghostbusters theme song for this past Halloween. It’s pretty good, but also makes me think I probably wouldn’t like hanging out with these guys in real life. I’m sure they’re crushed.

And on an only vaguely related note, do you remember the scene in the original “Ghostbusters” music video where the ghost unzips Dan Aykroyd’s fly? Man, that used to freak me out, and it still does. When I was little, I was concerned that a ghost could attack the Ghostbusters in their own HQ, and could also sexually assault them. When I was older, I was upset because the scene made me think about Dan Aykroyd’s penis, which is one of the least sexy things I can possibly imagine. I actually upset myself just not, remembering it. Yuck. Thanks for nothing, Hoobastank. (Via NerdBastards)