TR Contest: The Moment You Knew You Were a Nerd


?Someone suggested this contest a while ago, and I have no idea who. My apologies, whoever you are. The reason I waited so long to run this contest despite it being an obviously great idea — thus forgetting the suggestor — is that I personally have no idea when I first realized I was a nerd. I got big-ass glasses in second grade; joined the band in 4th grade, was in the smart class from 5th grade on, got good at videogames and terrible at sports in 6th grade, started reading Dungeons & Dragons novels in 8th grade… it was all so gradually that I have no idea when I first realized I was a nerd. It felt (and feels) like I always have been.

But that doesn’t mean you guys don’t have some great stories. Hopefully they won’t be super-depressing (hint hint) and will involve some kind of hilarious tale for the rest of us. The normal rules apply; one entry per person, contest ends at 12:01 a.m. Monday, November the 23rd. Right now, my plan is to award one entry of my own choosing, and one randomly. Are you guys cool with that — giving a little love to the people who half-ass it — or would you rather keep it strictly of my own ranking? Please let me know.

Oh, and don’t forget, the DESIGN TOPLESS ROBOT’S TOBLESS ROBOT contest is still going on. I’ve gotten some good entries and some bad ones, but I’m hoping for me. Email with your designs and win TR shirts and possibly $300 to be spent only on nerdiness! Have a great weekend, and say hi to your fellow Topless Roboteers if you see them. You’ll know they read TR if they’re wearing protective headgear for no apparent reason.