Where Have the Cobra Snipers Been All This Time?

All right, G.I. Joe fans, help me out — to my knowledge, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Cobra Sniper. In fact, I don’t ever remember an all-black Cobra soldier period, although I allow they were probably in some repaint/gift pack over the years. But an outright Cobra Sniper? I feel like I would have remembered that shit. So is Sideshow going off the reservation with their 12-inch collectible Joes line? It’s fine by me, because this guy looks pretty awesome. I dig the all-black, and frankly, snipers are something Cobra should have and have a lot of. But it this based on an actual toy/character/comic scene, or is Sideshow making shit up. Let me know and pre-order ‘im here. (Via ToyNewsI)