Final Fantasy XIII’s Head Trauma-Inducing Beverage

FFXIII is due to be released in Japan in 10 days, and as you might have suspected, the marketing blitz is on. But it’s not just for the game, since Square Enix realized long ago that as long as the words “Final Fantasy” were printed on a product, I many people would buy those products, no matter how worthless they are. The newest example: the FFXIII Elixir, a beverage that either causes or heals massive head wounds (or maybe both) as according to this commercial which Kotaku dug up. By all accounts, Square’s last FF beverage, the Healing Potion, tasted like ass with lemon; I don’t know if they’ve improved the recipe for Elixir. I know that even if they didn’t, a shit-ton of people would buy it anyways. I sure would.