General Zod Is Apparently Available for Weddings

Okay. Before you watch this video, you must know the following — if you are one of those people who feel acute sympathy embarrassment for people who are doing something hideously stupid and embarrassing, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. IT WILL DESTROY YOU. I’m only partially one of those people, and this thing makes my skin crawl so much I want to flay myself alive rather than watch.

This isn’t some nerd who dresses up in a bad costume for a con; it’s someone who dresses like General Zod and crashes his best friend’s wedding reception to enact a lengthy, utterly traumatic skit that no one had planned for, and certainly few understood. Imagining these guys go through their routine in front totally non-nerdy friends and relatives — what the fuck must the parents of the bride been thinking? — is just horrible. The groom was one of the few who did know what was happening, who busts in as Superman at about the 2-minute mark, which doesn’t make the rest of the video any less mortifying for all concerned. If this bride didn’t divorce this dude immediately after the ceremony, this dude should thank his lucky stars for all enternity. Hell, if she didn’t kill him for putting her and all those guests through that debacle, he should count himself lucky — no court in the world would’ve convicted her after seeing this video. (Via Great White Snark)