Spike VGA Trifects 2: Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, Deadliest Warrior

? Crackdown 2

I regret not switching this with the Tron: Evolution trailer, because this made me happy, and the Tron trailer did not. There have been a lot of great games on this generation of consoles, but I don’t know that I’ve had more pure fun on any game more than the original Crackdown. I’m immensely looking forward to this.

? Halo: Reach

So… this is a prequel? And the video is showing off some Master Chief and the in-game engine? Look, I don’t much care about Halo, but this video was so boring I started balancing my checkbook during it. Hopefully you Halo fans can tell why (or if) it matters.

? Deadliest Warrior

Yes, it’s a game based on Spike’s gladiators vs. pirates and so forth show. This trailer only includes a CG knight fighting a ninja, which is fine, but gives us no indication of what the game will be like. I think it could go either way; it could be a terrible 3-D fighter, but if the developer actually creates an engine that allows all the warriors to have vastly different moves and movements and techniques, it could theoretically be awesome. Unfortunately, the developer is Pipeworks, who I’ve never heard of before. Good luck, Pipeworks.