There’s Going to be a Transformers Game Based on Transformers You Like


?Despite the popularity of the Transformers franchise, there’s not been a game based on the classic, G1 ‘Formers — well, other than an iPhone game — since the days of the Commodore 64. But now Game Informer reveals that Activision is working on a new Transformers game, not tied to Michael Bay’s movies, but instead to that grown-up Transformers nerd sweet spot between G1 and IDW’s War Within Transformers comics. The game will be called War for Cybertron, and here’s what we know:

? It’s like Gears of War, in that it’s a third-person shooter.
? You will have A.I.-controlled ‘bots assisting you during gameplay.
? You can play either as the Autobots or the Decepticons, natch.
? You can play as both land and air vehicles.
? There will be some kind of online mode.
? Optimus will be a red truck, but Megatron will be a tank — I assume so that he’s actually worth playing. You can see Soundwave, Ironhide and Blitzwing above.

Head off to The Allspark for a few more details on how a few of the Transformers will look. Meanwhile, I’ll be back here, pleased as punch. I love it when beloved nerd properties get their due, and I’m shocked there aren’t more. Think about; Batman has almost always had a movie game, but the first really good game based on the character alone was Batman: Arkham Asylum. There are enough nerds that will happily buy a game based on Transformers, G.I. Joe, Batman, Avengers, whatever, that these companies don’t need to wait for a movie tie-in. And frankly, without trying to force a game around a set movie narrative, these game have at least the possibility of being truer to their subjects, if not outright better.