TR Contest: Fictional Character Holiday Shopping

If I were smarter, I’d save this for next week’s TR contest, but: 1) I’m not that smart, 2) I’d probably forget before next week, and it’s a pretty good idea, and 3) Hanukkah start tonight, so what the heck. Today’s contest requires that you give a gift to a fictional character. I’m opening this up to the wide realm of nerdery — videogames, movies, TV, anime, comics, the whole gamut, as long as it’s reasonably nerdy (i.e., let’s avoid Paul Blart, Mall Cop and the like).

This gift must be a physical object and cost less than $200. This means no buying anyone a yacht or a trip to Bermuda, and no giving someone sexual favors — but handmade items and most DVD gift sets are okay. You get one gift and one gift alone to give, meaning one entry per person — and the contest ends at 12:01 EST on Monday, December 14th. If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, and likewise feel free to point out your favorites.

As for my gift? I’m giving this to Astro Boy:

japan rape whistle bear.jpg

The most adorable rape whistle Japan has to offer. I doubt I need to explain why. Happy early holidays, and see you cats on Monday.