Duke Nukem Forever Is Truly Forever


?Duke Nukem Forever is truly the game that will not die. It’s also the game that will never be made, but that didn’t stop Jon St. John, the voice of Duke, from heavily implying that the game may actually still be coming out despite 3D Realms going defunct. I’ll let Brave New Gamer explain:

The Duke himself has all but confirmed Duke Nukem Forever in a recent
panel discussion at MAGfest. A fan asked Jon St. John, the voice of
Duke Nukem, about the status of the mythical game. “I’m not allowed to
speak on that subject, sir,” St. John explained. “He’s asking about
Duke Nukem Forever, let me go ahead and tell you right now that I’m not
allowed to talk about Dukem Nukem Forever. The crowd of course groaned
in disappointment to the statement, to which St. John facetiously
responded, “No, no, don’t be disappointed. Read between the lines. Why
am I not allowed to talk about it?”

I have no doubt St. John thinks Duke Nukem Forever is coming out. I’m sure whatever company secretly bought the game’s assets from 3D Realms’ rotting carcass believes the game is coming out. But the game is not coming out, now or ever. There’s just no way. This is total bullshit. In fact, I’m ashamed to have even written this article. But still, thanks to JonF for the tip.