DVD Day: January 12th, 2010


?? Moon
Sam Rockwell starts to crack after being sent to hang on the moon alone for three years in this acclaimed sci-fi movie that’s barely sci-fi. I could’ve told you that was a bad idea, people.

? The Simpsons Complete 20th Season
So. This exists.

? Robin Hood: Season Three
What? Where’s Robin Hood killing the fuck out of everybody? Where’s the sword slashing and screaming? Where’s the fucking bitchin’ guitar solos? Why even call it Robin Hood if you’re not going to fill it with bitchin’ guitar solos?

? Transformers Season 2, Vol. 2
Four DVDs containing episodes such as “The Secret Of Omega Supreme, The Search For Alpha Trion, Hoist Goes Hollywood and the thrilling two-part The Key To Vector Sigma!” Very thrilling, I’m sure.

? Care Bears: Helping Hearts
I doubt many of you want to buy a Care Bears cartoon DVD, but for the few of you who do I highly suggest you do it now, because once FFF rolls around, you’re not going to want anything to do with the Care Bears ever again.

? Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero
Now on Blu-ray. When Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero enter your medium’s library, you know it’s no longer on the rise, but slowly beginning its inexorably slide into irrelevance.