It’s Like Marvel Doesn’t Even Want Deadpool to Be Popular Anymore


?Remember how Marvel was offering a free comic with a “rare variant” Deadpool cover to all the comic store retailers who sent in unsold copies of DC’s Blackest Night/ring promotion comics? Well, this is that cover. I honestly have no idea if it’s supposed to be lame on purpose or not. I keep thinking it must be done tongue-in-cheek — Deadpool’s plethora of rings would seem to back this up — but it doesn’t change the fact that Deadpool as some kind of rapper is so lame it defies all irony and self-awareness. But then I think maybe Marvel is aware of that, too, and it’s truly supposed to be the most horrible cover they could come up with… and then I look at it and it’s still so lame it cancels that out, too. Frankly, it’s giving me a headache. (Via Comics Alliance)