Nerd/Booze News Convergence: There’s a Sale on Skywalker Wine!


?Oh, I love it when my interests collide like this! Francis Ford Coppola’s winery is offering a 25% off sale on bottles of their 2006 Skywalker Ranch Merlot and Chardonnay, so ~$20 and ~23, respectively. I like to think the grapes are crushed personally by the bare feet of George Lucas himself, but that might not strictly be the case (look, I know I’m usually first in line to bitch about the prequels, but if I could drink wine made personally by George Lucas’ feet, I would do so instantly. I fully admit this). Anyways, use those links above to buy the wine and enter “THEFORCE” in the coupon code — it’s good until February 15th, 2010, but be careful, because not every state allows booze to be shipped. (Via /Film)