Valentine’s Day Valentines Trifecta: Star Wars, Batman, Cerebus


?? TR reader and artist Stowe made a set of preposterously adorable Star Wars Valentines cards, of which my favorite is above; you can see the rest over at his website here. Stowe says they were a hit, making his son the coolesy kid in kindergarten for the day. There is nothing about this that isn’t totally, relentlessly adorable.


?? TR reader Mark of Andertoons found a box of ’60s Batman Valentines which surprisingly weren’t TV series-related. You can see them all here, but my favorite is this one of Batman punching a heart, because I’m pretty sure that’s the only way Batman knows how to express love.


?? But my favorite Valentines of all come from Laura Hudson and Comics Alliance — they’re based on Cerebus, the originally acclaimed comic from noted lunatic/misogynist Dave Sim. Every single one of these is based on something Sim has written or said, which is both terrifying and hysterical (pun based on origin of the word “hysteria” intended). Enjoy the rest here… or feel free to print one out if feel the need to tell not one woman, but all women that their emotions, sexuality and ridiculous thoughts of “equality” are a personal threat to your well-being.