Is Exploding S#$% Really a Just Cause?

I remain unconvinced that it is, but Just Cause 2 — a sequel to a game I couldn’t have paid less attention — still looks fun. The demo’s out for download on Xbox Live (and PSN, I assume) and I do support the idea of a sandbox game where your sole purpose is to “cause chaos,” i.e. blow shit up. I was not able to hop onto jets or rockets in the demo (probably because I couldn’t find any) but it’s also nice to see that that remains an option for the player. Overall, I’m still more excited about Crackdown 2 (recently announced to be released in July) since it has super powers and all, but I think I’m still going to pick this up to pass the time until then. Well, after Final Fantasy XIII. Oh, FF13. I… I don’t want to talk about FF13. Not yet, at any rate.