Oh Lord, There Might Be an American Bleach Movie


From the Hollywood Reporter:

Warner Bros., already developing an adaptation of the manga “Akira,” is in the process of securing the movie rights to “Bleach.”
Peter Segal is in negotiations to produce, though not direct, the adaptation with Viz Media, the anime publishing house that releases the books in English in the U.S. Michael Ewing, Segal’s partner at Callahan Filmworks, will also produce.

Peter Segal directed 50 First Dates and the Steve Carell Get Smart movie, so… Bleach fans are totally fucked. Obviously it’ll be set in America, and I expect Ichigo to be renamed Joe and have brown hair, since gingers are so unpopular these days. Hell, I doubt it’ll even be called Bleach; I can’t imagine any fat movie studio execs understanding or thus approving the title. Hmm, I wonder what they could rename? Anyone think “Incarnate” might work?