Fan Fiction Friday: “Rebecca and Brianna’s [Redacted] Adventure”


?Sorry, folks — there’s no famous people or characters canoodling in this week’s installment of Fan Fiction Friday. Instead, it’s just two girls who happen to meet each other in the park, getting ready to have an adventure, although I don’t want to spoil it by revealing the gerund in the title (but that should explain the use of the popular “Girls Kissing” poster as the article art). Bear with me, because I think you’ll enjoy this one — at the very least it’ll give you a warm fuzzy in your tummy! Now, to the park!

It was a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon in Wilson Park. People were out
running, playing frisbee, walking their dogs… all told, a typical
weekend afternoon. And so it was, Brianna Morgan set out searching for a
little fun. She was feeling her urge… a strange, almost predatory,
drive… consider it a mystic corruption of the maternal instinct. In
her lightweight pink and gray jogging suit, she strolled the park in her
quest. And it was on this beautiful afternoon, she found her perfect

On a wide, stretched out towel Rebecca Davis lay on her belly sunning
herself and reading a book. Clad in a string bikini top and cut-off
shorts, she was attractive, toned, and had all the subtle earmarks of a
new arrival to town. In short, for Brianna, she was perfect.

Perfect? Perfect for what?Does Briana have ulterior motives? Could she be seducing this young girl, and for what purpose? Sexy time, perhaps? Could this be a lesbian adventure? Are girls going to go wild, as often mentioned on TV?! Hit the jump to find out.

“Well hello there,” she said with a smile, standing
next to and looking down at her prey.

“Oh,” replied the red-head, looking up as she took off her sunglasses,

“Great day for catching some sun isn’t it?”

“Well yeah,” she said, pausing awkwardly. “Besides,” she continued,
“I’m kinda new here, so I haven’t found much else to do. I’m Rebecca.”

Bogart and Bacall. Hepburn and Tracy. And now to that list on scintillating sexy conversationalists, we now must add Rebecca and Briana.

“I’m Brianna,” responded the standing brunette with a smile. “I kinda
thought you looked a little lonely and could use someone to chat with,”
she said with a soft chuckle as she knelt down on the towel next to her.

Can girls just do this? Can any lesbian TR readers help me out with this? Because I’m pretty sure if a random boy just accosted a sunbathing girl and sat down on her towel, he’s get a face full of mace, right?

“Actually, I’m really glad to meet you,” Becca replied as she moved up
to her knees, smiling at the other girl. “I’m always happy to meet new
people,” she said, looking over Brianna with perhaps a little more than
casual interest.

Oh hell, I’m already bored with the small talk. Let’s skip ahead – in summary, Brianna asks Rebecca to come back for a drink at her place, Brianna licks her lips signifying her desire for girl-on-girl action, and Brianna accepts.

“So Rebecca,” asked Brianna, “how about tea? I have a nice raspberry
ice tea in the fridge.”

“Oh sure,” responded Rebecca, “whatever you’ve got. And you can call me

Did you know lesbians only drink tea, just like a car only takes gas? Tea is lesbian fuel. It’s true! Also, you can’t feed lesbians after midnight.

Brianna smiled and nodded to her guest and with a motion of her hand
guided the lovely girl to the lavish couch. “Well Becca,” she said,
“you get cozy here and I’ll be back in a minute with the tea.”

Taking her hostess’ direction, Rebecca settled comfortably onto the
couch. Slipping her sandals off and tucking her long legs under herself
as she sat, she looked around the room awaiting Brianna’s return.

In the kitchen, Brianna prepared two tall glasses of iced tea as she
smiled giddilly to herself. So pleased that, when the time was upon
her, she still had that disarming something about herself that made
others so open and trusting. Once both glasses were filled she paused
to add a small dose of a thick, milky liquid to one of the glasses.
Stirring it until it was no longer visible in the cool amber tea.

Wait a second. Is Brianna a man? Is that why I selected this story for FFF, because Brianna is really “Brian” and he jerked off in the tea? Would I do that to you?

Returning to the living room, she smiles innocently as she hands the
tainted glass to her guest.

“Oh, thank you Brianna,” smiled Becca, stirring the drink for a moment
before taking a long deep drink from the cool glass. “Mmmmm, that’s
good,” she states, smiling broadly. “I like it.”

I bet you do. Plenty more where that came from, Rebecca. Still, the banter isn’t quite so fascinating that I’m not going to skip ahead to the sexy time.

Becca gets up and walks slowly over to the couch, playfully swaying her
hips as she goes. She sits herself near the seductive brunette, fearing
she might scare her off if she sits too close.

Did you know lesbians are easily spooked, like squirrels? You have to remain perfectly still, hold out your hand, and let them approach you. If they sniff your hand, then you’re in.

Bri struggles to contain her giggling as Becca takes another sip of the
tainted tea. Making sure to put the red-head at ease, she reaches out
and gently rubs the nervous girl’s knee. Becca reaches out and takes
the hand on her knee and touches it softly, encouragingly. When her
hand is met with a soft sigh and a grin of appreciation, Becca moves her
soft caress slowly up the brunette’s arm and begins to slowly rub her
elbow. Brianna moves a bit closer into Becca’s touch, leaning forward
slowly and becoming aware Becca is leaning in to meet her too.

Becca’s hand drifts further up Bri’s arm, reaching her shoulder.
Finally, their lips brush across each other, forming a soft, tentative
kiss. Bri sighs softly as Becca pulls back and smiles.

“So,” she whispers, “you ARE interested.” Sighing with a slight
shudder, Becca continues, “You seem to have a way with me making me
tingle all over.”

Brianna smiles the secretive smile of the one who know things their
partner would find good to know, but doesn’t. With another seductive
smile, Bri presses her lips to Becca’s, resuming their kiss.

Secretive smiles of the one who know things their
partner would find good to know, but doesn’t I have given Ms. Robot:
? I spent the entire night playing videogames and failed to do the laundry
? I totally cut the frozen pizza so I got slightly more than half and she got less
? I spent all our electric bill money on Final Fantasy action figures

As she returns Brianna’s kisses softly, Becca feels her fingers
trembling over the soft planes of Bri’s breasts. “Would you be mad if I
touched you?” she asks, whispering with hesitation.

Bri smiles at her. “Not at all honey,” she replies, her hand slipping
up to cup Becca’s smaller breasts to show her approval. Her thumb
playfully teasing Becca’s nipple.

The aroused redhead easily takes the hint, running soft circles around
Bri’s breast through the soft, satiny material of her top. A short
while later, Becca slides the zipper on the brunette’s jogging top down,
lowering it to just below her full breasts. Slipping her hand inside
as Brianna continues likewise, each other exploring thier new
companion’s breasts. As Bri is cupping her small breasts, Becca is
assailed with a feeling that something is not right. Too enrapt in the
wonderful sensations being elicited by her lover, she quickly shrugs it

Wait a second…! Brianna is a woman! Why, I was sure she was a man; I guess I remembered it wrong. Well, then, why did I pick this story? And what the hell is in Becca’s tea?

Bri pulls back, smiling a little shyly as she gently pulls Becca’s hand
from her chest. “Let me make this a bit easier, ok?” she says with a
confident smile as she slips off the pink and gray jogging jacket.
Underneath is a black babydoll t-shirt which soon follows the jacket to
the floor. The brunette’s firm C-cup breasts held snuggly in place by a
blue satin sport bra. Becca smiles and nods in appreciation as the bra
also goes the way of the rest. Brianna’s breasts jiggling merrily once
freed of the constraining bra.

Still smiling, Becca leans in and gently pinches Bri’s stiff right
nipple, then lowering her lips to lick the left. As the red-head’s lips
and playful tongue come in contact, Bri lets out a gasp, then a soft
sigh. The brunette’s head rolls back and gentle purrs escape her
throat, plainly telling Becca to continue. Her lips float softly over
Brianna’s chest, exploring the full range… down her belly and across
her entire bosom. Bri’s hand strokes Becca’s soft blonde locks and
slowly coaxes her head back up from her tender belly.

Shit, this is kind of sexy. I mean, I’m a dude, and it’s not often that I get to feature girl-on-girl action that doesn’t feature aliens forcing them to fuck against their will or them inserting produce in places that aren’t properly refrigerated.

“Here baby,” she sighs, guiding her new lover’s lips tenderly over her
breast and back onto the nipple. True to expectations, the small amount
of milk slipped in her tea was subconciously guiding Rebecca. A few
quick flicks of the tounge and a gentle playful nibble, then without
thinking she began to suck slowly on the pert teat.

Oh. Now I remember.

The red-head suckles contently for a several placid moments, her hand
slowly wandering the gentle hill of Bri’s other breast and making slow
forays across the soft belly. She begins to pull back briefly, puzzled
with a warm, sweet taste in her mouth. The weak enchantment on her mind
slipping for a moment, “was that… breast milk??” she ponders.

Leaning forward and kissing the auburn locks softly, Bri simply whispers
in her ear, “it’s alright baby… It’s alright.”

Okay. Breast milk in the tea. Possibly magic breast milk. I’m sure this weirds a few people out, but it’s hardly the craziest thing I’ve ever featured on FFF.

The soothing voice and the slow massage of her neck by the brunette’s
hand dispells her minor trepidation. She finds herself easily guided
back into her tender ministrations on Brianna’s nipple. The soft
tingling rippling a little stronger over her body as she assimilates the
sweet nectar. As Rebecca purrs softly, hungrily suckling at Bri’s
nipple, her hand slides gracefully from the other breast and down the
brunette’s side to caress her hips.

Brianna sighs and moans softly to herself, reaching up to cup Becca’s
breast again. She was reveling in anticipation, noticing her lover’s
bikini top was a bit looser on her than when she first arrived. Becca
herself was happily playing with her lover’s chest. Though she did find
it a little strange when Bri’s hand slipped so easily inside her top.
She reluctantly tore her attention from the delicious breast before her
and glanced down at her chest. For a moment she was confused as it
looked looser, but soon shrugged it off figuring the ties must have
started to come undone. Distracted again by Brianna’s attentions, she
decided this was definitely not the time to worry about fixing them.

Yes, I’m sure there’s nothing weird going on. Just a loose bra. No big deal.

“Is something wrong hon?” Brianna asks with a playful pinch of Becca’s

“Wha?” the blonde begins to respond, bringing her gaze back up to past
the soft jiggling flesh before her. “Oh… no… nothing wrong,” she
continued. “Just feels like my top’s getting loose thats all.” Then
playfully adding, “That’s not a problem is it?”

…or IS IT?!

As Becca resumes suckling from Bri’s nipple, amazed by the sweet
taste,and tingling pleasure of the milk spitting forth. Becca’s hand
started at her hip and began to explore, cupping her soft rump along the
couch. Brianna was brimming with scarcely contained excitement, seeing
the other girl loose a little bit of softness along her belly, getting
back the muscle tone she’d lost since high school, her breasts hanging
looser in the bikini top. She guessed the lovely red-head had slipped
to about eighteen years of age at the oldest.

Hey, barely legal lesbians — my favorite kind! I– wait, what? “Slipped to”? She wasn’t 18 at the beginning of the story?

Becca teased Bri’s breast with one hand while the other traced along the
waistband of the brunette’s jogging pants, then slowly slipping inside.
Her fingers softly dance around the lines of Brianna’s panties,
following the lines across the smooth soft skin. Bri lets out a sudden
gasp as the playful fingers explore, and again as Becca lifts her other
hand from her breast and wraps it around her shoulders as she moves to
straddle her lover.

Snuggled in tight like they were, Brianna found herself reassessing her
partners current age. Grinning as she determines that it had dropped to
something more resembling sixteen or seventeen. Becca found herself
starring right into Bri’s brown eyes, giggling to herself as another
sharp tingle rippled through her. The overall sensation increasing Bri
seeming a bit larger below her than she expected.

Oh shit.

“You know,” she said to Brianna, “it’s kinda silly… but you make me
feel so snug next to you… so… little.”

Both girls giggled a bit at this comment. …

The brunette looked right at her, a mischievous grin playing across her
face. “Whats wrong honey?”

“I dunno,” Becca replied. “I…” she started, her statement interrupted
as Brianna ran fingernails gently along the girl’s much slender arm.
Becca sighed, shuddering a little from the tingling and tickling
sensations from Bri’s nails. “Would you…” she pauses with a moment of
uncertainty. “Would you like if I took off some of this for you?” she
asks, her hand playing slowly over the soft material of Brianna’s
jogging pants.

Brianna smiled and gently urged Becca to back off of her and to stand on
the thick soft rug. Smiling, she says, “No baby… I think we need to
get those big things off of you now.”

Giggling, Becca unties her bikini top from behind her neck. Dropping it
slowly, her breasts scarcely an A-cup now, her body slipping back to
tender age of fourteen. Bri rises up, hugging the now teenaged blonde
close and unfastening the top from behind, freeing her partner from the
ill fitting top. She also finds that it barely takes a tug to release
the shorts from Becca’s diminished hips.

As Brianna pulls back away, Rebecca looks down. Noticing her shrunken
breasts, she reaches down to feel them. She touches them and is stunned
at how small they’ve become.

“Something wrong baby?” Bri asked with that sly smile.

“My breasts,” Becca responded with disbelief, “they’re… they’re…

“Yes they are honey,” Brianna responds, with a hint of amusement. “And
your hips are starting to look kinda boyish too.”

And this is what happens when you feed lesbian after midnight. They become magic child molesters.

While Becca caresses her breasts in disbelief, Bri easily slides the
girl’s bikini panties down to her ankles. Tugging them playfully aside
she tugs and twists the thinning reddish muff. “Ohh you’re red down
here too, ” Becca looks down past her diminishing breasts, her gaze
drawn by the tugging on her pubes. “Oh! watch them all go away.” teases
Bri as the last of Becca’s bush slowly recedes leaving her with a
smooth, bare crotch.

Oh dear. Although I guess if I was a chick I too would “caress my breasts in disbelief.” Probably constantly.

As she slowly begins to overcome her shock, she noticed her breasts had
finished receding into her chest, as she reaches age twelve. Bri tries
hard to stifle a giggle at the shocked girl in front of her, “You know,
you look kinda like a little boy now. Well, except for not having
something dangling down there,” she says pointing playfully at Becca’s
empty crotch.

So she looks like a boy… except she has no penis. I bet Brianna is the worst Pictionary partner ever.

“Whats happening to me??” she asks in a fearful and stunned voice.
Panic now beginning to really set in for the regressed redhead.
“Awwww… poor baby,” comforts Bri, reaching out to stroke Becca’s soft
hair. “You haven’t figured it out yet?”

Bri turns her to face a mirror on a nearby wall. Becca stares in shock
as she sees her body lose what’s left of its womanly definition, not to
mention a few more inches of height. Frozen by the sight of herself,
now a very pretty ten year old, standing about four feet three inches
tall. Slowly, Becca turns around, now staring up to look at the taller
woman, her mouth agape from shock.

“Oh you looked so lonely out there all by yourself in the park,” Bri
says with a sympathetic soft smile. “I thought you might be happier as
my lil’ baby girl, so I put a little something in you tea.”

Dear pedophiles, please do not go to your local grocery store looking for magic fountain of youth creamer. Coffeemate does not actually make it.

Becca continues to stare at the older woman in shock. “Little baby
girl?” her childish voice squeaking up in pitch with her nervousness.
“How long is this going to go on?” she pleads. As she asks, baby fat is
building slowly around her face and softening her definition even
further. Slowly crossing from a nine to an eight year old, her now
cherubic features are decidedly more “cute” than “pretty”.

Brianna smiled down at the young girl. “Oh, it’ll stop in just a little
while,” she replies, sliding her hand over her stomach, “and then
you’ll be right in here.” Her hand now slowly rubbing circles around
her belly.



With that Rebecca really begins to panic, “What?!?!!” she exclaims, her
voice filled with fear.

Oh god. When you wish the fan fic was about child molestation, that’s when you know something is deeply, deeply wrong.

Bri simply smiled at her, even suppressing a laugh as Becca panicked
more and tried to bolt for the door. But her feet got caught in her now
oversized shorts, and she falls face first to the floor.

Brianna looked down at the little girl squirming on her carpet. “Aawww,
come here baby,” she says as she lifts little Becca up gently under her
arms. She carries her over to the couch and sits her carefully on her
knee. Becca tries to struggle, pushing back against the much larger
woman as hard as she can, finding little success against the adult
strength. Bri could not help but think that it seemed almost comical as
Becca slid down to seven years old, and three feet 10 inches.

A girl fighting to get away because you’re planning on shoving her against her will into your vagina! Why, that’s “almost comical”!

“Let me go!” she cries as the brunette firmly holds her on her lap.

“Well… maybe I could stop it now,” Brianna muses softly.

Becca eases her fight slightly, “Wh… wha… what do you mean?”

“You’d like to go back to second grade again, right?” Bri asks her,
smiling wickedly once more.

Despite the magic tea and horrifying womb plan, this might be the most outlandish part of the entire story. Who on god’s green earth wants to repeat second grade?

Her brief hope crushed, Becca cries out, “I’m a grown woman! I don’t
wanna go to grade school all over again!” Her voice, now so childish,
was making it sound all the more like a tantrum.

Brianna laughed slightly, reading in her body language that Becca was
starting to loose her desire to fight. “You were a grown woman honey,
but not any more sweety.”

Becca calls out, truly crying now as fits the little girl she has
become, “just stop it!!”

Bri laughs softly chiding playfully, “you’re going in my womb



Those words sinking in slowly, breaking down her resolve. Becca finds
herself leaning against Brianna, crying as her body’s immaturity finally
catches up with her mind. Her childish thoughts taking over as her
adult thinking sees her last hope of escaping slipping away with her
years and height.

“It’s ok Honey, it will be over in just a little bit,” Bri says,
comforting the young girl and holding her close, finding a certain
thrill in the feeling of Becca’s body slowly shrinking in her arms.

Rebecca on the other hand had some time ago regressed past the point of
feeling sexually stimulated. As she reached the milestone of five years
old, she found having her naked body held comfortingly by her “mother” a
reassuring, sheltering feeling. The toddler girl curled into Bri’s
embrace, crying softly against the woman’s body as she slowly regresses

I’d like to think that even at five, I’d have enough sense not to look for comfort from the woman who’s planning on sticking me in her womb. Just sayin’.

“Awww, it’s ok baby,” says Brianna, in a comforting motherly tone.
“Mommy’s gonna take real good care of her lil girl.” She kisses the
child’s head softly while stroking the silky soft red hair.

Becca shrinks to about three feet tall and five years old. The
whittling away of her adult form had been slowly bringing in more
child-like feelings, but finally the dam breaks. She looks up, her
adult struggle against her situation finally fading. Tiny fingers
slowly rub tears form her large blue eyes, looking out of them someone
more five years old than 24, as her adult thinking begins to take a back
seat to child’s emotions.

“I don’t want go in your vagina! I wanna watch Dora the Explorer!”

Becca leans back in Bri’s arm slightly to look down at her “mommy’s”
belly. She drops to her knees then onto the couch trying to get closer.
Running one little hand over Bri’s belly she asks with all the sound
of a child’s curiosity “How am I supposed to get in there?”

“I suggest you get a running start.”

Patting Becca’s naked back with one hand Bri also rubs her belly gently,
“that’s why I had you drink my milk baby. It makes your body ready to
become part of mine.”

I do not see the National Dairy Council incorporating this story into its “Got Milk?” campaign anytime soon.

Becca stands up again looking into Brianna’s eyes, then down at her
seemingly massive breasts. “Like this?” she asks, leaning in to again
lick and gently suckle for a moment. Bri leans back for a moment
sighing enjoying the pleasurable sensations.

I can’t help thinking Brianna is a selfish lover. I mean, she turns you into a toddler and she still expects foreplay — not cool, lady.

For Becca on the other hand the strange tingling increased to new
levels. Her body quickly regressing, getting slightly chubbier, her
arms and legs seeming to not be so long compared to her torso as they
did moments before. She begins to have trouble keeping her balance as
she reduces to just about two feet tall, balancing on unstable tip toes
to keep the teat in reach.

Brianna suddenly realizing what’s happening, reaches out and just
catches the little three year old as she slips, falling onto Bri’s
thigh. Then Becca looks up, marveling at how much bigger Brianna is now
than before. Bri held the toddler gently but firmly, “Ohh, Baby, no…
I should’ve stopped you sooner.” She sighs softly, setting the
toddler on the couch, she stands up.

“Bad girl! You’re going to have a time out… IN MY VAGINA.”

As Brianna starts to slip her sweat pants down she notices how her hips
have widened preparing to receive little Becca. She smiles slipping
them down, followed soon after by her panties. Little Becca looks up at
the soft fur and the pink slit it obscures. Part of her mind
remembering how not very long ago such a sight would arouse her. Now it
was just a comfort. She puzzled only a moment over the difference,
before playfully childish impulses won the overly emotional debate.

I’m glad it’s a comfort for Becca, because it’s going to be her new sleeping bag in a few minutes.

Becca leaned forward reaching out to pat that soft muff of hair.
“Pwetty wady” she called out, smiling wide as only a child can.

Brianna pauses for a moment surprised, “careful cutie, not nice to
tease mommy.”

“Stop getting mommy off or I won’t let you bring your Leapfrog Leapster in with you.”

With the mischief of a two year old, Becca reaches out and pats at Bri’s
bush again.

Again, Brianna chides the toddler, “No baby, not yet… But it wont be
long now.”

How does she know? Does her vagina ding like a microwave when it’s ready?

With another glance at herself in the mirror, grinning at the little
child behind her on the couch. She smiles to herself before turning
around again to pick up the child that was the lovely young woman that
she found sunning herself in the park just over an hour ago.

As she picks up Becca she notices the little girl seems even lighter
than a few minutes ago, and a little more baby chubby also. She adjusts
her “daughter” in her arms on arm under the little one. The other
gently rubbing up and down Becca’s back as the little one leans into her
and sighs softly. “Awww,” Bri smiles, “that’s my little girl.”

Shifting the infant’s weight, she inadvertently slides Becca down in a
way that her little head brushes one of Bri’s nipples, the infantile
reflexes having begun to take hold, she reaches out with her lips
without a pause for thought.

So, like an infant or any guy ever.

Becca’s hand gently paws Bri’s breast, her mouth slowly leaning into it.
Bri notices the lips lock gently onto her nipple. She begins to
suckle, quickly slipping past the 1 year mark. In scarce few moments
Becca can barely hold herself up in Bri’s arms. “Oh baby… now I told
you not to do that,” she says with a maternal compassion to the cooing
infant in her arms. Even as she says says this, she feels a strange
stirring between her thighs as something slithers gently from her

Oh no. Oh sweet evil skywalking Jesus no.

Brianna sits on the couch, little Becca squirming in her arms. She
looks between her legs, the umbilical cord slipping forth from the folds
of her vagina. She giggles to herself as she notices the squirming
infant in her arms has still been getting slowly smaller. At this point
she guessed Becca was an eight month old at most, cooing and wiggling
happily finally accepting the process fully and kinda curious how it
would feel to be inside another human being again.



Becca’s eyes fix on Bri’s nipples, cooing questionably as she slips to
seven months old. Brianna looks down at her, shaking her head slowly,
“No no baby, no more it’s time.” She lays back placing the still dwindling baby girl atop her belly.
Brianna reaches down and slowly guides the umbilical cord up and to
Becca’s navel. Both she and the child looking on in fascination as the
cord fuses with the infant’s soft pale skin, suddenly dropping her to
four months old.

I hate to disrupt the narrative here, but should the umbilical cord wait until she’s like, a day old or something? What four-month-old infant is still attached to an umbilical cord? If any of you have any answer for this, please do not tell me.

Becca sighs softly fascinated by the feeling of Brianna, expanding
beneath her. Bri waves down at her, and Becca giggles and waves back as
Bri shifts her further down towards her waiting crotch. Becca shrinking
more, ever younger, now at best a four month old. “Bye Bye honey,” Brianna says as the cord retracts slowly back into her.

I’m glad Brianna isn’t an Austin Powers fan, because if she yelled “GET IN MAH BELLY” at this point I’d pretty much have to kill myself. It would truly be the only sensible answer.

Becca looks down to the opening of Bri’s vagina seeming to bigger by the
moment, partly from her slow shrinking as she regresses further into
infancy, and partly by the vagina itself dialating wider to accept her.

I feel like the Jaws theme should be playing now.

She was still staring wide eyed as her feet pressed gently into
Brianna’s nether lips. So warm, soft and slippery, her feet sliding
right in. “Oooohh baby there you go…” Bri coos down at her. Becca,
liking the feeling, kicks in and out gently even as she seems to become
even smaller, now appearing to be a month old at most. But soon she is
pulled further by the taut cord linked to her belly, in one large
contraction she finds herself pulled in up to her hips.



Brianna is leaning back gasping and moaning, and definitely not from
pain, she thought to herself this is a nice trick to use. Becca for her
part is coming to enjoy the feeling of being swallowed up into her new
mommy’s vagina, her arms reflexively folding up into a fetal pose. She
drops through 1 month quickly to true newborn size, Brianna’s vagina
tightening around her tiny form as she does.



The next contraction draws Becca in up to her ribs. Brianna panting and
moaning softly at the strange but pleasurable sensations it causes her.
With one great sigh, Becca is pulled in fully, her face disappearing in
the grip of Bri’s vagina.



Brianna leans back a bit more, sighing contently as she feels herself
close up sealing Becca in. She rubs her belly as it expands, acomadating
the new child inside her. She rubs softly feeling Becca squirm and
shrink down a bit more.



“I hope your cozy in there,” Bri says, “I won’t see you again for
another two months.” Sighing, Brianna shudders slightly and her belly
contracts a bit more. “Make that four months,” she giggled.

















The end. Baby Becca is officially on board Briana. The full title of this opus was “Rebecca and Brianna’s Unbirth Adventure,” which you must admit would have spoiled the surprise. All blame to Andrew W. for sending me the story. Now, I’m going to get a nice cup of tea. By which, of course, I mean “drink an entire fifth of vodka and then beat myself unconscious with the bottle.”