Geek Apparel of the Week: There and Back Again


?Did you know Middle-Earth has its own, extensive Metro subway line? I didn’t, and apparently Sam and Frodo didn’t either, because I would imagine they would have chosen to ride it over walking through death swamps and over volcanoes and shit (although they probably would have run into Gollum-like people on the subway, too). This Threadless shirt is going for $18, and the bigger sizes are already sold out, so fly here, you fools, if you want one.

Bonus: For my fellow members of the E.T. Haters Club, today’s TeeFury shirt is both empowering — because it recognizes E.T.’s inherent creepiness — and terrifying — because it features E.T. bursting through a door Shining-style to kill you with his finger.


Seriously, Jack Nicholson wielding an ax is like a Care Bear made of cotton candy next to that picture of E.T. I’m thinking about getting one just as a power laxative, because every time I see it, I shit my pants with terror. No thanks to David B. for the tip.