The Mystery of What the Hell Topher Grace Is Doing in Predators Deepens

I don’t mean what his character’s doing on the Predators planet, because we knew even before this video that he was also a criminal like the others. No, the question I’m referring to is whether Topher Grace will play some kind of goofy comedy relief character, and thus suck. Now, I actually like Grace, and think he’s probably better than his work indicates, but casting him as the nebbish scientist-nerd among all the badass hardened criminals seems like it’ll quickly become him running around ti “Yakkety Sax” while Adrien Brody and the rest save his ass over and over again.

There are two ways this can be good — one, he reveals his badass, cold-blooded murderer side at the end and thus his flailing about in the first 2/3rds of the film become a calculated front, or two, he’s actually just a cold-blooded murderer from the beginning, and is just as tough as the other characters. The way Robert Rodriguez is talking in this promo for Grace’s character — especially that “dark secret” and “might be most dangerous of them all” crap, I’d place my bet on the former. I’d actually prefer the latter, since it would actually be a genuine surprise to me. Oh well. At least Rodriguez has taken off his stupid cowboy hat. (Via io9)