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What If Nic Cage and Adam West Were in a Batman Trivia Contest, and It Wasn’t Slightly Entertaining?


Ugh. I’m sorry. I don’t really want to post this, but I feel I have to. I mean, it’s a video of Nic Cage and Adam West in a Batman trivia contest — a great concept, but one that still manages to be awful, almost certainly because Jay Leno is involved. But all you foreign people, Hulu’s hate for you works out pretty well, because you don’t really want to see this. As a bonus, Leno’s shows a quick clip from Kick-Ass which not only included the biggest spoiler of the movie (which has admittedly been shown elsewhere), but is of Nic Cage as big daddy killing a bunch of mob goons, and is edited. Yes, they picked a clip that they then felt the need to edit. Amazing.

But I don’t want to leave your wacky non-Americans with a wasted article. Yesterday, Ethan pointed out that Marlon Wayans was been hired to play Robin in Batman Returns before they decided to omit the character. But it was a late enough decision that Kenner actually made a Wayans as Robin figure… only to have him not be part of the film. So what did Kenner decided to do? Release the figure anyways… as a white kid.


?TR commenter SaveaLemming posted the figure yesterday, which I’d never seen before. Obviously, since Robin had a mask one and since 1992 was hardly the apex of toy sculpting, it really didn’t matter… except in the hair. Look at Robin’s enormous, Wayans-esque hair. Also amazing. (Via /Film)