Wolverine Motorcycle Outfit for Cool Nerds… Wait, What?


?Driving motorcycles is intrinsically cool. Generally. I mean, if you’re some fat hippy whose ass folds around both sides of the seat, your coolness factor is severely limited. However, cosplay is intrinsically not cool — some people can be cool despite wearing cosplay, because they’re very attractive or their costume is awesome or more likely both — but generally, it’s hard to be cool while dressed up as a superhero.

So UD Replicas’ X-2: X-Men United Wolverine motorcycle suit is one massive contradiction. Yes, it’s made for looking badass on a bike, and “incorporates removable CE-approved body armor; gloves with built-in,
anti-skid Kevlar in the palm’s leather lining; and an interior,
form-molded muscle suit sandwiched into the jacket’s torso section.” But if you wear this, you’re still dressed like Wolverine, in public. Sure, it doesn’t have a big X-Men logo anywhere or a picture of Logan leaping with his claws out, but it’s too weird for Joe Q. Non-nerd to not know something nerdy is going on with it. If you don’t mind this dilemma, you can keep a watch at UD Replicas’ site to see when it becomes available for order and its price (best guess is around $1,000). Or you can wait, because UD says it’s also in the process of making a Iron Man 2 suitcase armor motorcycle suit, and there’s no way that thing won’t be totally cool. Right? …right? (Via Robot 6)