Harry Potter and the Inevitable Physical Decline


?Remember how the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows included and epilogue where all the main characters were 20 years older, had paired up and produced offspring? Well, they’re filming those scenes now, and some pics have leaked of how Harry (and Ginny) will look. Just in case you can’t stand the idea of this being spoiled for you, I’ve put the pic after the jump (above is simply the stupidest HP pic I could find on short notice).


?I’m impressed, frankly. Not just because Daniel Radcliffe consent to have a lame Dad-classic haircut, but because I’m always impressive when Hollywood can believably age and de-age people, because they so rarely do it. I hate X-Men 3, but those scenes of “young” Xavier and Magneto blow me away. And Ginny looks even more legit than Harry, in my opinion. I gotta admit, now I’m looking forward to this too. (Via /Film)