Leonardo DiCaprio Stars in Dreamcatcher: The Movie

A new trailer for Chris Nolan’s sci-fi movie Inception came out with Iron Man 2 this weekend, and… uh… here it is. I’m sorry, I know I should be excited, but I’m not. I really like the cast — I honestly think DiCaprio has a certain range but he can be amazing in those roles, and I love  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Ken Watanabe, it’s just… a movie about people who steal dreams just sounds kind of obvious. There’s going to be a lot of heavy-handed metaphors thrown about, there’s going to be a surprise twist at the end — I’m guessing that the entire movie is a dream, probably by DiCaprio — and the only thing that seems to characterize the dream world in any meaningful way is that gravity keeps shifting, which is interesting once and not that interesting after. It’s probably my fault; as I wrote this, I realized I don’t like Memento, Batman Begins or The Prestige (except the Tesla weirdness) and the only Chris Nolan movie I do like is The Dark Knight. So it’s probably just me. Never mind. Carry on.