8 More of the Greatest Wrist Accessories in Nerd-dom

#6 Space Ghost.jpg

?On our previous trip through the hallowed history of nerdy wrist customization, we reviewed many of the most powerful and cool forearm mounted accessories from TR‘s nerd vault. Of course, as many intrepid and/or furious Topless Roboteers pointed out, that particular shelf is stacked with many, many additional awesome wrist technologies, weapons and doohickeys that also deserved mention but we overlooked.

Which brings us to to this list. Using your suggestions, here are eight more of the coolest wrist accessories worn throughout comics, cartoons, TV series, movies and more. Hopefully, we haven’t missed too many of the big ones this time. But as they say, no wrist, no reward.

8) The Hidden Blade from Assassin’s Creed

While this thing isn’t nearly as complicated as some of the other items on this list, it’s just as fearsome, thanks to the scary similarity between it and a rusty prison shiv. Neither are a fun way to go, nor are they easily detectable until it’s far too late for the victim at hand. For evidence of the hidden blade’s stealthy prowess (and complete radness in dispatching foes), look no further than the video above.

7) Jimmy Olsen’s Signal Watch

#7 Jimmy Olsen's Signal Watch.jpg

?Can you imagine how awesome being able to summon Superman to help you anywhere, anytime would be? Jimmy Olsen was granted the ability to do just that, thanks to the signal watch Supes gave him a long ago. Emitting a frequency only audible to those with Superman’s level of gifted hearing, Jimmy’s signal watch is also adjustable so that he’s able to have control over which hero he dials in the event of an emergency. While it would be nice if Superman made them available to the general public to help prevent crime, obvious issues would arise when the lazier citizens of Metropolis started calling on Superman to “pick up some milk” and “find my car keys” while he was needed elsewhere.

6) Space Ghost’s Power Bands

#6 Space Ghost.jpg

?Don’t let their prop-like appearance mislead you — Space Ghost’s power bands are not to be taken lightly. With a touch of a button, the Coast to Coast host can control a multitude of powerful beams allowing him to crush and defend against his enemies in a variety of combinable, and awesome, ways. Now if only they’d help him get his show back on the air…

5) Boba Fett’s Gauntlets

#5 boba fetts.jpg

?Star Wars universe punk rock retriever Boba Fett may not care much about the shine on his Mandalorian armor, but he doesn’t fuck around when it comes to bagging his bounty, an attitude that extends down to the gauntlets he sports. Depending on which side you’re talking about, Boba’s arm wear allows him to fire rockets, whips, darts, slice up his foes with retractable blades or simply give them a tan with his flamethrower. Perfect for both Fett family cookouts and home security!

4) Predator’s Wrist Gauntlets

#4 Predator.jpg

?Good grief. Thanks to what these things allow the Predator to do to unsuspecting foes, they’re definitely the scariest entry on this list. Let’s start with the retractable blades: generally accepted to be 12-18 inches in length, nigh-indestructible and double edged for ease of evisceration, they’re probably the last way anyone would want to meet their demise. Then again, if you’re in a room with a giant invisible alien monster hunting you for sport, you’re probably going to go painfully no matter what manner of object is used to introduce your intestines on the floor. Yikes! Next is the gauntlet-mounted power bolt, excellent for projectile safari. Lastly, of course, is the “Predicomp” that allowed the Predator to famously get the last laugh against then-thespian Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film, as the defeated alien used it to initiate a self destruct sequence in a very snarky take on seppuku.

3) Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator from Torchwood

#3 Vortex Manipulator.jpg

?The TARDIS? A bit bulky. Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator is much smaller and more stylish; it’s basically a communicator armband that allows its wearer to travel through time. Not much to complain about there, unless you wanted that functionality built in to your phone – or is that a phone built into your vortex manipulator? Either way, you shouldn’t be complaining, since this has to be the most convenient mode of time travel ever.

2) Leela’s Wristlojackimator from Futurama

#2 Wristlojackimator.jpg

?Leela’s iconic gadget of choice really does do it all, short of convincing the pants-less Zapp Brannigan that she doesn’t lust after him, of course. The Wristlojackimator’s features include a food scanner, playable versions of Tetris and Pong, a communicator, and a tissue dispenser.

1) Dick Tracy’s 2-Way Wrist Radio

#1 Dick Tracy.jpg

?Here it is – one of the founding fathers of disgustingly awesome wrist tech. Introduced in the Dick Tracy comics of the 1940s (eventually becoming a video watch in the ’60s), it is arguably D.T.’s most recognizable feature, next to the detective’s yellow hat and overcoat of course. Yes, it doesn’t do as much as many of the other entries on this list, but it got the ball rolling for awesome fictitious nerdy wrist apparel, and that counts for something.