Great Scott

When Michael Bay is in charge of both the Transformers and the TMNT movie franchises, it can be hard — practically impossible — to remember that once in a while, through sheer chance, Hollywood can get a movie completely, totally right. Obviously, I won’t know for sure until I see it, but this new trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World looks on track — to me — to be perfect. I’ve said it before, but Edgar Wright was such the right director for this film that I’m still shocked, and Michael Cera seems to have abandoned his normal awkwardness for Scott’s amiable doofishness — I’m sure some of you Cera haters will disagree, but to me he’s nailed Scott perfectly. I can’t wait. Although with so much goodness, I’m sure some disaster is coming down the pike: maybe the studio will realize the film is too good and hire Brett Ratner to do a few reshoots; maybe the movie will tank, and we’ll only get some bare-bones DVD like (the unjustly maligned) Speed Racer; maybe Edgar Wright will be so crushed he quits directing. I don’t know. It’s just when I see a trailer this good, this promising, I can’t help but wait for the other show to drop.