Superhero Toy Trifecta: Arkham Asylum, Blade, …Todd?


?? DC Direct released pics of wave 2 of their Batman: Arkham Asylum figures. That’s Bane, Zsasz, Armored Batman, and Poison Ivy. Despite the fact that Ivy looked very much like she was going au naturale in Arkham Asylum, her figure has a much more visible set of plant-based panties. Or, as I can’t stall calling, “planties.” (Via ToyNewsI)


?? Hot Toys is apparently on a mission to make figures of every hot girl in superhero movies; they already have Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the works, and apparently Jessica Biel as Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity is next. The likeness isn’t as killer as Hot Toys is capable of, but even a pretty good Hot Toys Jessica Biel figure is a disturbingly sexy figure. (Via BBTS)


?? Does anyone have any fucking idea why Mattel is calling Obsidian from its DC Universe Classics wave 14 (the Wal-Mart exclusive wave) “Todd Rice”? I assume it’s some kind of a legal issue and someone else owns the toy name “Obsidian,” but is there not any other name that might be slightly more interesting than “Todd Rice”? I imagine the few kids who pick this figure up seeing the name and slowly, puzzledly, put the toy slowly back on the peg. (Via ToyNewsI)