The Green Hornet Trailer Is… Uh… Well… Hmm

I don’t know. I don’t know what to think of this movie. I don’t know that the movie knows what to think of itself. It’s like it has a split personality between your generic superhero origin story and… well, any normal Seth Rogen movie. It seems to be hitting all the action movie beats while trying to let Rogen play Rogen but not really, and it just seems like it can’t quite decide if it’s a comedy, or, more precisely, doesn’t have the balls to be one. I assume this is partially because noted cinematic oddball Michel Gondry is directing, and he’s either forcing himself — or being forced against his will — to make a very straight-forward, by-the-numbers superhero action flick. Jay Chou seems pretty swell as Kato, though. What do you guys think?