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Fan Fiction Friday: The Pok?mon Crew in “May’s Problem”



?Again, you have my utmost apologies for last week’s lack of an FFF. Since I’m stuck in SDCC, this might not be the perfect installment, but I do hope it’ll fill your need for awful, awful stories about beloved cartoon characters. This story is by Master N, and stars Ash, Brock and May — the younger replacement girl character for Misty– and her brother Max. Shockingly, no Pok?mon are involved, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get sexxxy. So what is the nature of May’s problem?

May squirmed uncomfortably squeezing her legs together tightly “How far
till the next pokemon center?” She asked trying to hid the urgency in
her voice. Brock pulled out a map and looked it over “About another
mile.” He said not looking back May bit down on her lower lip not sure
if she could take it much longer.

Ah. It’s going to be one of those stories. Or is it?

“What’s wrong May?” Max asked noticing the pained look on his sister’s
face which instantly turned bright red “N…Nothing.” she stammered “She’s
probably just got to pee.” Ash said off handily May turned an even
bright shade of red “Shut up!” She snapped at him immediately regretting
turning her focus away from keeping her bladder under control. After
several more minutes May knew she was about to wet herself “Everyone
wait right here I’ll be back really soon,” She said walking off the path
“And DON’T PEEK!!!!” She added looking right at Brock who cringed
“There’s no way I’d do something like that.” He said defensively.

“Not without a camera.” Brock said the second may was out of ear shot as
he pulled out a video camera Ash grinned ear to ear “Make sure to give
me a copy. “He said as the two of them walked off after the young girl
“Why on earth would any one want to see May pee it’s not like she’s got
anything they don’t.” Max muttered to himself sitting down resting his
head against a tree.

What an odd thing to say, Max. Why… why would you…

As soon as she reached a clearing May looked around to make sure that no
one was around once she was sure she pulled her shorts off “It’s such a
pain to have tape it down all the time I really should start wearing
baggier pants.” She said as she pulled her pants down reviling a seven
inch dick tapped to her leg right next to her bare pussy the second she
pulled the tape off her cock hardened instantly.



?Just so you can never see the character without imagining her with a huge penis. Oh, no need to thank me.

“Alright get ready for the show.” Brock said setting up the camera
hiding in the bushes of the best clearing around “You know it’s times
like this I miss Misty she always let us watch her piss.” Ash said with a
heavy sigh. “Yeah she was the only ass I ever got.” Brock said just as
May walked into the clearing. Both Brock and Ash stopped talking right
away as May looked around after a few seconds she pulled down her shorts
the second her dick popped up Brock and Ash looked at each other with a
mixture of shock and excitement.

Well, they’re handling May’s surprise better than I would’ve.

May squatted spreading her legs wide a few seconds later a powerful
stream of golden liquid began to spray out of her pussy she let out a
soft moan her dick twitching as she relived herself she looked down at
it “Looks like I’m going to have to take care of this too.” She said as
the stream weakened to a trickle she reached down and griped her cock
May began to pump it with long slow motions moaning softly as she closed
her eyes in pleasure.

So what does her dick do while she’s peeing out of her vagina? Just hangs out? Plays Freecell? Gets aroused by the process of urination, apparently?

May quickly became lost in jacking off and didn’t notice as Brock and
Ash stepped out of the bushes both completely naked their own pricks
just as hard as hers and leaking pre-cum. “Hey May how about doing that
for us.” Ash said like he was asking for the time of day.

Again, I am nothing but impressed by Ash and Brock’s open-mindedness at their hermaphroditic companion. I’m slightly less impressed by their stripping naked in the bushes, watching her pee, then coming over to demand sexual satisfaction.

Right away her eye’s snapped open her face turning bright red “What are
you doing here?!?!” She asked staring at both the boys rock hard
members. “Well we were just watching but there’s no way we could pass
this up.” Brock said.

I wanna be the very best / The best there ever was
To get jerked off by hermaphrodites / is apparently my new cause

“And we’ve got this on tape so unless you want everyone to know about
“that”,” Ash said pointing to May dick “Than your going to suck both of
us off.” May’s cock twitched in her hand again as a few drops of liquid
dripped out of her pussy that was definitely not piss.

Coke Zero?

[Wow I’ve never
seen anyone’s but mine and Max’s but he doesn’t count since he’s my
brother.] May thought to herself [I’d really like to but I’d better not
seem to eager.]

“A…Alright but you have to swear that you won’t say anything to any one
EVER!” May said “Sure.” Brock said “Cross my heart.” Ash added what May
couldn’t see was that both men had they fingers crossed behind their

J’ACCUSE! Man, if you can’t trust two people who are blackmailing you and sexually assaulting you, who can you trust? Dark times, my friends. Dark times.

May stood up kicking off her shorts and panties and walked over
to them before getting on her knees “You might want to take off your
shirt too.” Ash said May nodded and unzipped it her large breasts barely
contained by her bra which she unhooked and removed as well she tossed
it aside with the rest of her clothes “How should I do this?” She asked
“Well just take it into your mouth.” Brock said. May looked at his prick
for a few seconds even though it wasn’t a large as her own it was still
pretty good sized and she wasn’t sure if she could take the whole
length in her mouth but he didn’t give her much time to think about it
before grabbing her head and shoving his dickhead past her lips.

Insert your own Mel Gibson joke here. “I’m going to burn your house down with a Charizard, but first you’re going to blow me!”

May gagged as Brock hit the back of her throat “Than you just move your
head like this.” He said pulling her back until just the tip was left in
her mouth before she could catch her breath he pulled her back down the
length of his cock he kept pumping her head bucking his hips hard May
coughed and gagged looking up at him with tears in the corners of her
eyes but he just kept fucking her face but luckily for May the moist
warmth of her mouth was more than Brock could take and he came after
less than a minute spurts of hot spunk filled May’s mouth. She fell back
coughing spitting up thick wads of white goo “Man Brock I can’t believe
you shot you load that fast.” Ash said laughing a littlie. “Shut up
it’s been a while.” He said folding his arms across his chest.

Haha, it’s funny because Brock reached orgasm very quickly while he was mouthraping a little girl! A girl with a massive dick! Oh Fan Fiction Friday, will your delights never end?

“My turn now,” Ash said stepping in front of May she looked at his cock
which was slightly bigger than Brock’s “Make sure to sallow this time.”
he said May took a deep breath before taking his cock into her mouth she
began to bob just like she did with Brock actually enjoying it this
time she went much very slow moaning softly as she rubbed her tongue
along his shaft she reached up and grabbed Ash’s balls giving them a
squeeze using her free hand she began stroking her own cock in time to
her actions “I’m going to cum.” He said panting May pulled away with
her mouth wide open she garbed his cock and began pumping hard and fast
he let out a loud moan as he shoot several ropes of cum into her waiting
mouth once he was finished May closed her lips and gulped loudly as she
kept jacking herself off cumming just a few seconds later her own cum
shooting up and splattering against her chest.

toht face melting.jpg


“That was great.” Ash said with a heavy sigh “Yeah but I’m nowhere near
satisfied how about you Ash?” Brock asked looking over at him Ash
nodded “Yeah so May how about some more?” He asked “Are you kidding?”
she asked “Of course I am.” she said pointing down at her prick which
was still as firm as the other two. “Than get on you back.” Ash said May
looked at him for a second before laying down right away Ash positioned
himself between her legs “So May have you ever done it before?” He
asked “No but I broke my hymen when I fell off my bike once so it
shouldn’t hurt to much.” May said.

And to think, there’s still a huge puddle of May’s urine right next to them! I tell you, romance is in the air!

“Alright than.” And with that Ash
thrust in to May cunt all the way to the base of his prick she let out a
loud moan “Ugh your pussy feels great May!” Ash said as he began to
pull out before thrusting back in May let out a loud moan [Ash’s cock is
way better than my fingers or any of the toys I’ve ever used.] May
thought as Ash slammed into her again.

I heard once that Ash’s dick defeated a Blastoise singlehandedly. Er, singledickedly. Whatever. Look, Ash is fucking a little girl with a dick. All I want to do is cry. You can’t expect them all to be winners.

Brock stood watching for a few seconds “Mind if I join in?” he asked
“Just be gentle this time.” May said


panting he nodded and walked over
he lowered himself so that his dick rested right between May’s tits
which he squeezed together and began to pump his hips moaning. As Brock
tit fucked her and Ash hammered into her cunt May ripped her own dick
with both hands and began to pump as hard and fast as she could.

And that, my friends, is the most horrible typo ever to be featured in FFF history. “May ripped her own dick”? I may never have an erection. Hell, I may never uncross my legs again. Meanwhile, you have to imagine — or I’m going to make you imagine — Ash’s view as he’s fucking May is of Brock’s ass and May’s dick, bobbling around as he fucks her.

“May I’m going to cum.” Ash moaned speeding up “Me too.” Brock moaned
“Cum on my face both of you!” May shouted in a surprisingly firm voice
right away Ash pulled out and moved around so that he was right beside
May he pressed his cockhead against her cheek as he stroked himself as
fast as May was herself a few seconds later he shot seed all over her
face most of it getting on her cheek with a few drops landing on her
forehead right after the last few spurts landed Brock gave a loud moan
of his own and gave one final thrust several ropes of sticky hot cum
sprayed out all over May’s chin even hitting her in the eyes which she
had shut just a few seconds before Brock stood up and gave himself a few
last strokes to make sure he got out every last drop.

I will travel across the land / Searching place to place
Teach Pok?mon to understand / why I came on that dickgirl’s face

May let out a load moan and came herself shooting her cum straight up
onto her own face.

“You look really cute covered in cum.” Ash said

sat up “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever told me Ash.”



said wiping the cum away from her eyes and licking it off of her fingers
she gathered up the rest and licked it away as well moaning lightly as
she did once she was done she looked at them “I’m still kind of horny.”
she said reaching down and fingering her pussy with one hand while
stroking her cock with the other one.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. First of all, May, stop doubly masturbating yourself, it’s freaking me the hell out. Second of all, STOP FUCKING EACH OTHER. Aren’t you all supposed to catch ’em all? GO DO THAT.

“Well if you can keep going so can we right Brock?” Ash asked Brock was
already busy whacking off to the sight of May masturbating.

Well, at least Brock is being written in character.

“Since my
hands are busy how about my feet?” may offered laying back with lifting
her legs up Ash and Brock walked over right in front of her and right
away May pressed her soles against their cocks and began to slid them up
and down making both men moan loudly. “Why are you taking so lon….”
Max’s voice cut off at the sight of what was going on all three looked
over at him right as Brock and Ash came coating May’s feet in their

FYI, Max is 7-years-old. He looks like this.


?Now, let the horror commence.

“Max what are you doing here?!?” May asked looking around for her
clothes Max covered his eyes with his hands “I…I was wondering what was
taking so long.” He said blushing it was than that May noticed that her
brother’s pants were tented [I never thought about it before but Max is
actually kind of cute.] she thought to herself “So Max do you like what
you see?” May asked crawling over to him on all fours her cock bobbing
and swaying with her hips.

Let’s paraphrase this paragraph in two parts. First:
? [I never thought about until my head and feet were covered in semen and I was simultaneously masturbating both my penis and my vagina, but my little 7-year-old brother sure looks fuckable!] May thought.
? “So, little 7-year-old brother, are you aroused at the site of your cum-covered, 10-year-old sister and her massive dick?”

I hope you’ll forgive me the Toht video. It just seems so appropriate.

“What are you talking about you’re my sister!” Max said peeking trough
his fingers

I know Max technically knew about his sister’s cock, but I still feel like that should be a problem at least up there with the incest thing.

“So what?” She asked as she reached out and un buttoned his
pants she yanked down his underwear in one quick jerk and out sprang his
dick which was actually a littlie bigger than May’s.

Both Brock and Ash looked at their own dicks and let out disappointed

Yes, their penises are smaller than both a 7-year-old boy’s and a 10-year-old girl’s. That can’t make Brock and Ash feel particularly good.

“Wow Max your growing really fast.” May said her breath just tickling
Max’s cockhead “M…May.” Was the only thing the young boy could mange to
get out before his sister took his prick between her lips flicking her
tongue right against the very tip. Just as May was about to start
sucking Max groaned and came a tiny spurt of cum splashing into May’s
mouth she pulled back disappointed “Well he might have us beat in size
but not stamina.” Brock said proudly. “Lay off he’s still young.” may
said defensively pulling her brother’s face into her chest. Max suddenly
latched his mouth over one of May’s nipples and began to suckle May
let out a loud moan “Max!” May moaned in surprise.

I think we’re officially past the point where fucking Pok?mon is less perverse than what’s going on. If you need to take a break to weep openly, I understand. Oh, how I understand.

Max kept sucking on his sister’s tit as she fell onto her back he broke
away after a few seconds before breaking away “May please do it again?”
He asked pointing to his cock but May shook her head “Actually I have a
different idea it will make both of use feel good though it might be
uncomfortable for you at first.” May said “What ever you want to do.” He
said May stood up “You guys don’t mind just sitting this out do you?”
May asked “Just so long as we get to cum on your face it’s fine.” Ash
said Brock nodding in agreement.


“Get on all fours.” May told her brother he did so right away with out
questioning her once he was in place she reached down and jammed a few
fingers into her pussy moaning a bit she pumped them a few times before
pulling them back out she rubbed her juices all over her cock before
pressing the tip against Max’s asshole. “Now make sure and relax.” She
said as she gently pushed in the boy letting out a loud moan as May
groaned just as loud she stopped after less than and inch “I never
thought I’d see something like this.” Brock said as he stroked his cock
hard and fast

Really, Brock? You really never envisioned a point where you would watch a little girl fuck her littler brother up the ass with her giant dick? Very small-minded of you.

“Yeah but I’m glad I am.” Ash added.

Your opinion has been duly noted, Ash.

“Is it alright if I start moving?” May asked “Y…Yeah go ahead.” He
moaned softly May began to pull out very slightly both siblings moaning
as she did right away May slid back in. As may very slowly and gently
fucked her littlie brother’s ass Brock and Ash walked over to them
“Sorry but there’s no way we can just watch.” Ash said still working his
cock in his hand “That’s alright I was thinking of asking you to join
anyways.” May said groaning as she thrust into Max again “C…can I help?”
Max asked “Sure thing.” Brock said getting on his knees in front of the
boy who right away took his cock into his mouth and began sucking while
his sister took Ash’s.

The sad part is even if they started shoving Pok?balls up each others asses, things couldn’t honestly get more depraved.

May reached down and grabbed Max’s dick and started pumping it as she
fucked him. He moaned louder than ever his anus clenching down around
her cock May let out a scream and came shooting her load into his ass
Brock followed a few seconds later filling the boys mouth May’s moan was
enough to set Ash off as well. The four of them separated and just lay
around resting for a while “That was great.” Max said out of breath “and
even better the whole thing’s on tape.” Brock said walking over to the
bushes he lifted the camera up “I forgot to take the lens cap off.”

The first person who makes me a video of Toht’s face melting from Raiders of the Lost Ark set to the Price Is Right fail music gets a free TR shirt. And the enternal shame of creating something that will forever remind them of this story.