Now Wait Just a Second, Predators


predators red dots.jpg

There’s something I’ve just heard about the Predators movie, which is very much a spoiler if true, so this is going after the jump. All you sexual tyrannosauruses, come along.

Is that scene of Adrien Brody covered in Predator laser-sights really not in the movie? If so, I’m kind of pissed. I found this interview with producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antol, and they say they filmed it just for the trailer — and the movie version just has one sight falling on Brody’s head or whatever.

I understand the basic idea of filming some footage just for the trailer, and I understand things getting edited out later on down the movie process so scenes found in early trailers might not make it into the final products. But this seems pretty shitty to me — that shot is in every single Predators fucking trailer and commercial still airing, and it’s the money shot. Not having it seems less like a twist and more like a double-cross. What do you guys think? Are you pissed?